Шеннон Доэрти показала, как проходит химиотерапию

Actress Shannen Doherty, star of the popular 90s series “Beverly hills 90210” decided to show the whole story of his treatment of cancer which she was diagnosed with last year.

Шеннон Доэрти показала, как проходит химиотерапию
The artist had already undergone a mastectomy, but, as it turned out later, the disease has metastasized to the lymph nodes, and now the treatment of Doherty is more complicated. Shannen said that despite the pessimistic mood, sometimes arising in her soul, she is willing to help other patients, showing that cancer is not a death sentence.
Last month Shannen published a photo in which appeared with a shaved head. Almost every week she posts a photo with his treatment and believes that in this way will help other patients.
45-year-old actress has published on his page in the social network, as a nurse injects her with the cure. Now Doherty is undergoing another course of chemotherapy, after which it waits for radiotherapy.
Also Shannen showed that was alone in a difficult moment – on the new photo she captured with her husband Kurt, Iswarienko.

It husband and mother Doherty finds its main support in the struggle for life. Support the actress also partners on the series, in which she starred at the time, and also a huge number of fans and subscribers.


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