Бывший Рианны Крис Браун арестован полицией

Singer taken into custody on suspicion of attempting to shoot the girl.

According to the American People magazine, on Tuesday evening at the home of Chris brown in Los Angeles held a stormy party. So violent that in the end, according to one of the police officers, “unidentified girl called 911 asking for help as Chris brown was pointing a gun at her and threatened to pull the trigger”.

The police arrived at the scene, but the house couldn’t get, because they do not have a search warrant. A few hours later, brown’s house at that time had already left all the party guests, the police with a warrant broke into the singer’s house, which was already his lawyer. According to one of the guards, Chris brown taken into custody and sent to the Central police station in Los Angeles. Additional details police refused to report, citing that the investigation, details of which will be announced later.

By the way, this is not the first such clash singer with the law: in 2009, he attacked then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, after which court he was sentenced to probation, which ended only last year, as well as public works and training courses on prevention of domestic violence. Apparently, the courses did not help – at the beginning of this year, Chris is again under investigation for allegations of assaulting the woman on the street wanted to take pictures of him on the phone.

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