Рудова vs Робби: чья подружка Джокера круче

After the sensational premiere of the new blockbuster, the actress decided to try on the image of Harley Quinn.

Just in theaters was the movie “suicide Squad,” where Harley Quinn was played by the Australian Margot Robbie. After painting the actress admitted that she was afraid of what the appearance of her character will appeal to many girls and they start to copy her image. Well, Margo, you were right.

Who doesn’t want a little bit to be the Joker’s girlfriend? Though Harley Quinn is not far away and darling, but, what can I say, sexy in the extreme. And so bright!

Here and Natalia Rudova, inspired by another film-comic, also decided to try on this image.

“Up to no good? — signed the first actress. — She’s a real Hellcat! Fire of my loins. The pain in my heart. One in a million – luxury Harley Quinn! Anyone who displeases me, I will put to bed!”

Natalia was very becoming this way. Literally indistinguishable from the original comics! Margot Robbie is a natural at it looked. So much so that the producers of the picture invited the actress to star in the film, which will be fully dedicated to Harley Quinn. But Margo refused, explaining that they are not yet ready to star in a solo film.

Maybe the producers, then, to offer this role to Natalya Employment? No one will know the difference!

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So who is the best?

  • Рудова vs Робби: чья подружка Джокера кручеNatalia Rudova
  • Margo Roby

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