Tatiana Totmianina returned to the ice after a serious injury

Татьяна Тотьмянина вернулась на лед после тяжелой травмы Skater riding again – thanks to three surgeries, daily physical activity and the support of family and friends. Fans of Tatyana Totmyanina convinced to return to the ice helped the athlete, first and foremost, an incredible force of will.

New year’s eve, December 30, it became known that Tatiana Totmianina fell on a hospital bed with a fractured right foot.

Olympic champion, one of the most titled skaters of the country in recent years has been the most popular. She skated in all ice show of Ilya Averbuch and, as a rule, she had main roles. However, the final performances of last year passed without its participation. During the next rental Tatiana fell awkwardly and hurt his leg – so much so that I had to lie on the operating table. She and her husband skater Alexei Yagudin announced on his page in Instagram.

“The year you were beautiful, but over pechalka. Treat the situation philosophically. A broken leg is not a reason to be upset and need a break. I want to apologize to our team and dear audience for the circumstances. Live on. Soon I’ll be with you! Love you all,” asked Tatiana to the fans.

It’s been less than two months. During this time, Totmyanina, according to her husband Alexei Yagudin, did two more additional operations. Skater pretty quickly got to his feet, but walked with crutches. This does not prevent her from spending time actively, for example, to relax with her husband and daughters in Thailand and train as intensely as she is allowed doctors. And now Tatiana has published a video in which she is playing the role of Juliet with her regular partner, executing the role of Romeo Maxim Marinin.

“Thank you, God! I’m back on skates!”, – signed video Tatiana Totmianina.

And although it is noticeable that on the right foot, the skater steps still not too confident, the fans are convinced that their favorite Tanya returned. Internet users are delighted with the strength of will of the athletes, her courage. “Tatiana, you are an example of cheerfulness, resilience, femininity, happiness and beauty! Example for those who have despaired or lost in life. Thanks to you, problems cease to be problems”; “Tanya, you are strong-willed people. Let you in my life nothing to dread”; “Good boy, thank you very much, that you are!” – posted by Tatiana.