Alexei Klimushkin has received a dangerous injury

Алексей Климушкин получил опасную производственную травму Sylvester A. from the TV series “SASHATANYA” at the time lost his sight. Actor Alexey Klimushkin reported on his page in Instagram that earned a burn on the cornea. Serious damage to the tissues of the eyeball is dangerous for health.

Actor Alexey Klimushkin known to a wide audience through the TV series “SASHATANYA” on TNT. He plays the tycoon, the 37th in a row in the Forbes list millionaire, the father of the main character Sasha Sergeeva, bright character named Sylvester Andreyevich. For the first time this character appeared in the series “Univer”. First flashed sporadically, but then confidently took the honorary second place. In short, without Sylvester Andreyevich and the series is not the series.

A sitcom is on the air almost five years – the first issue appeared in the summer of 2013, captured the past four seasons, there are 136 episodes. TV people are working intensely, every few months. In addition, the 52-year-old Klimushkin touring extensively with various theatre projects and acted in a feature film and leads Instagram.

It was on my popular page in the social network actor and reported on the trouble that happened to him in these festive days. Alexei Klimushkin burn of cornea I degree, this diagnosis put by the doctors. The actor believes that the cause of damage to the tissues of the eyeball – production. He calls the disease the “pay for success”.

“The road of flowers, fun and glamour – so all perceive the path of the actor and… the Holidays are over, the makeup washed off, and suddenly the burn of the cornea – and you begin to pay for success…,” wrote Klimushkin.

Prolonged exposure to bright light – for example, theatre or Kinoshita really can cause corneal burns. In addition, theatrical makeup includes a variety of glues, from which you can get a chemical burn.

Severe damage of the cornea – for example, burns III and IV degree – lead to serious consequences (sudden drop in vision or loss of the opaque crystalline lens). But I degree, fortunately, treated on an outpatient basis, usually takes place without a trace and function of the eye is not affected.

Alex also said in his post unsatisfactory work of medical staff: “First, who comes at night and consists of graduates of medical universities (one compassionate and one with ambition, as if the cure for cancer was invented), and they don’t watch TV and don’t like any of the artists… But there are good doctor who will put you in the eyes from the glue, and regret. You even take pictures with a couple of guards and a couple of sick patients, though not distinguish their faces, sore eyes…”.

Internet users expressed sympathy for the actor and wished him a speedy recovery. “Don’t lose your sense of humor, it’s even a person with burns of the cornea”; “we Wish you a speedy recovery, we love you very much and appreciate”; “Alex, recovered quickly. Burn is very painful. Wish you strength, health and patience”.