«Пир во время чумы»: в Сети обрушились с критикой на Любовь Успенскую
Dance singer on the bills has irritated fans.

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Birthday Lyubov Uspenskaya was marred by scandal on the Network. The reason for the birthday girl criticized netizens, was recently published in her microblog video. The recording was made during performances of “the Queen of Chanson” at one of the private parties.

The footage appeared on the vast world wide web roller Uspenskaya danced on scattered around the stage money. “So walk the Armenians bombarded the stage one hundred dollar bills, customs do not change!” — wrote Love. And, indeed, such “tradition” exists only to tease the fans, many of whom barely make “ends meet” probably shouldn’t have. Many fans were offended by the act of the actress and expressed their displeasure in comments. The assumption in response to this has disabled the ability to discuss personnel “scandalous concert”, but the record from the Network are not deleted.

Lyubov Uspenskaya could not stand a long separation from his daughter

Assumption celebrated 64 years on the stage, giving a concert on the Rosa Khutor resort. There the actress was congratulated by fans and colleagues. The singer last year meets personal holiday at work. Shortly before she flew to Costa Rica to see my daughter Tatiana, who temporarily live there.