Татьяна Навка о годовщине свадьбы: «Я специально прилетела в Москву к мужу!» Famous figure skater and the press Secretary of the President said the first year of family life. Tatiana Navka for a special date, went to the capital to be on a holiday near with beloved spouse.

      Yesterday, the famous figure skater Tatiana Navka and press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has celebrated its first round date of their marriage. A year ago in Sochi was held a magnificent celebration, which was attended by numerous star friends of the couple. However, gingham wedding, the couple celebrated quite modestly – gathered for the celebration only those closest to you.

      Calico wedding: how did the married Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov

      “Initially, we wanted to celebrate the anniversary in the same place as Sochi, which hosted our wedding, invite friends and those who were then at the ceremony, and those who could not for various reasons, – has shared with “StarHit” Tatiana Navka. – But decided not to excite the public. And it so happened that the date of our cotton wedding coincided with my day off in the ice show “Carmen”. I specifically came to Moscow to her husband. We celebrated in a narrow circle. And today I’m back in Sochi in the work schedule”.

      A year ago elegant guests of the celebration were surprised by the scale of the wedding grooves and Peskov. Invited gathered in a luxury hotel Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA. The gathered were addressed by Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Buinov, Nikolai Baskov and other famous performers. Leading the evening were Dmitry Khrustalev and Catherine Barnabas.

      Capture the imagination and the decoration of the festival – thousands of flowers needed to create the perfect atmosphere. “Today is processed and has trained more than 5,000 flowers for the decoration of the wedding our champion Tatiana Navka, – said one of the wedding florists in the social network. Such beautiful and fragrant flowers I’ve ever seen!”

      One of the main surprises of the occasion was the performance of daughters Tatiana and Alexandra. Girl as a wedding present recorded the song. The girl had prepared a speech rehearsed in the room with the dancers. All the invited guests could not fail to note that Sasha very confidently on stage.

      Olympic champion and press Secretary did not invite to your celebration to journalists, making a closed event. For a long time Tatiana argued whether or not to show the public the footage from the wedding. But then the numerous guests and the couple began to participate in social network shots of the wedding.

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