Эти глаза напротив: как складывалась непростая судьба Валерия Ободзинского Popular pop singer went from being a world-wide fame to the full oblivion. The series “These eyes opposite” about the life of Valery obodzinsky who goes on the First channel, did not leave indifferent spectators of the whole country.

      Эти глаза напротив: как складывалась непростая судьба Валерия Ободзинского

      On the First channel after the program “Time” on weekdays is a dramatic eight-serial film about the famous Soviet artist Valerie Obodzinska. In the series details the UPS and downs in the career of the singer, his difficult personal life, departure from the scene, and then triumphant return to the audience.

      The role of Valery obodzinsky in the series went to actor Alex Barabash. The artist organically fit into your way and very naturally played a simple guy from Odessa who became a real star. Lyric tenor singer has won the hearts of millions, and its fate remains of great interest to the public. “StarHit” decided to recall the brightest moments of the life of Valery obodzinsky.

      Эти глаза напротив: как складывалась непростая судьба Валерия Ободзинского

      Future famous tenor was born and raised in Odessa. At the age of fifteen years he almost became a victim of the Nazis, which was raging at that time in his hometown. The German soldiers saw that some of the children in the house Valera stole his sausage and wanted to shoot everyone but the grandmother of the kids wept bitterly, and he took pity on the family.

      Music education obodzinsky in adolescence has not received, although he sang almost from birth.

      “We Valery and I met in the second half of 50’s on the Boulevard,” recalled people’s artist of Ukraine, well-known entertainer Michael Bakalchuk. — He often came there with his guitar, collecting a crowd of the same age. Tsuna — so he somehow had a nickname — stood out for its originality. Came in a traveling group, which then was a lot. Played bass and sang. Say, studied at the Kostroma music College, I don’t know, finished is…”

      After school obodzinsky some time he worked as a fireman on a steamship, then became a quizmaster on the sunken subsequently, the “Admiral Nakhimov”. And in the early ‘ 60s, Valery went to Tomsk, where he entered the school of music, the double bass class, and then got a job in the local Philharmonic. Around the same time obodzinsky first began performing in concerts as a singer.

      The life of the artist changed dramatically when he was in the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem. In order to work with the Maestro, Valery has had to learn the professional secrets of the vocals, but then developed his individual style of performance. In the 70-ies obodzinsky was one of the most famous singers of the Soviet Union. He has left far behind the recognized masters of Soviet songs of Joseph Kobzon, Eduard Khil, Vadim Mulerman, Yury Gulyaev. Obodzinsky a song “These eyes opposite”, “Oriental song”, “Witchcraft” I remember and love still.

      In the life of the legendary tenor was a lot of testing. Left him and beloved wife Nellie. The authorities also were not always supportive of the work of the singer. At one time in obodzinsky began a real persecution – he was not allowed to speak, banned his songs. Through all these difficulties Valery turned to go with his head held high.

      However, the darling of the country failed to resist the insidious temptation one. Contemporaries obodzinsky bitterly recall a moment when the tenor was fond of alcohol. “We then began working as an entertainer Alov — addict and a drunkard who said, “the happiest day I have, when you drink vodka.” And this day came, or night – told reporters Paul Shakhnarovich. – During a meeting of the New 1976 obodzinsky said: “I’ll drink vodka.” Began to beg, his wife cried. But he drank. And rolled…”

      Paul Shakhnarovich recalled that the case went away, an unhealthy lifestyle of the singer began to affect his communication with the audience.

      “In Omsk I put him in a psychiatric hospital under a false name. At concerts he was brought by his nurse, then taken away to spend the night in the hospital. I made sure he never went on stage drunk, sitting with him in the dressing room,” admitted friend Valeria.

      But even friends are unable to save the situation. Obodzinsky lost the taste of life and came to the fact that I was able to get to work only watchdog. Then his life came Anna Yesenin, who was the last love and Muse obodzinsky.

      Interestingly, the woman acted as a consultant when writing the script of the series “These eyes opposite”. The filmmakers listened to her every word, because Anna has played an important role in the life of the singer. In the sunset years, the artist plunged into a deep sadness, and she wanted to help him. Esenin took famous tenor with his new work as a watchman and attempted to return it to creative activities.

      To the great happiness of his fans, in the last years of his life obodzinsky again began to give concerts in different cities of Russia. In his last speech on television in the program “Golden hit” Valery Vladimirovich made a Frank admission.

      “Very often people ask me: why are you so long gone? Creative life were different. There was a time when I reached his ceiling. And understood that then not be allowed. Tired to be humiliated in front of everyone: in front of the television, the radio, which the powerful of this world was cutting my recording. Cultural officials said that I sing not in the Soviet… the time has Passed,” said the legendary singer.

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