Экстрасенс Фатима Хадуева разругалась с телеканалом из-за мужчины Sneznaya finds it unacceptable to give up privacy in favor of a reality show. Fatima Khadueva participated in the program “diary of a psychic”, but after the conflict, the shooting stopped. Now from the medium demand financial compensation.

      The audience of the TV channel TV-3 used to see the Friday night reality show “diary of a psychic with Fatima Haguenau”. All fans of the program were surprised and confused when suddenly the transfer stopped its existence. Sneznaya announced that from now on, will not take part in the filming. “StarHit” decided to get in touch with Fatima to find out what is the reason for the sudden decision.

      As it turned out, the psychic is not going to adjust their lives under conditions set channel. She understands that it has provided access to observe their way of life audience of millions, but now that the personal life of the medium began to improve, producers are unable to “embed” change into the framework of a reality show. The channel the situation has not commented.

      “When the project began, I was presented as a beautiful, successful woman, but there is a single mom. We began to shoot, but then I began to refuse weekend, denied free time that I could spend personally on myself, all got irritated calls that were not work. You see, when a man appears, it is an adjustment in life,” admitted Fatima.

      Khadueva admitted that he is not ready to follow certain restrictions, the more that initially were not taken into account any changes in your personal life. “We had an indefinite contract, in fact we agreed to remove three of the season, releasing three blocks. When I signed the contract, they wanted everything around me remained as it is. But this is my real life, I’m not going to adjust the program of his personal life,” says the psychic.

      The dispute between the heroine of the reality show and the TV channel broke out not so long ago – just over a week ago. The psychic refused to let the film crew came to her home. According to the psychic, channel warned her that in case of non-compliance spelled out in the contract conditions they have the right to require you to pay a penalty.

      “We’re not going to say it, I’m not interested, I’m not going to pay any money. Initially we did not have any material claims to each other – the goal was to make an interesting project. Of course, if they insist on payment, I will be forced to go to court,” says Fatima.

      Also the main actors of the programme were children of Haguenau – 22-summer Alena, the 19-year-old Rizvan and 15-year-old Dasha. A psychic understands that a unique project was difficult for her heirs. She noted that the children were struggling to cope with their emotions under the gun cameras. The conflict that arose from their moms channel, they took quite sharply, trying to rise to her defense.

      “For them, I’m not only a magician, but also a beautiful woman. Moreover, they don’t want me to so badly for them to stay. After all, as I have a life, home, work, children. Every child wants his mom to be happy, so for them it is also a stressful situation that mother forbid her communion, that is forbidden to be happy”, – said Fatima.

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