Татьяна Навка водит маленькую дочь в салоны красоты Baby to imitate mom. Tatiana Navka supports the child’s desire to be beautiful. Fans are touched by the adorable two-year-old Nadia. Famous figure skater tries to have all the free time to spend with the heiress.

      Olympic champion Tatiana Navka has two daughters – 16-year-old Alexander and little Nadia, who came to light two years ago. Like all children, baby trying to imitate the adults and copies their behavior. Many fans know that Tatiana is very carefully monitor their appearance and always strives to look perfect. Apparently, after a hike skater to nail the wizard, Nadia has also decided to keep up with mom and asked to get a manicure and her. Tatiana did not refuse beloved child and decided to make a baby.

      “A real woman!” signed Tatiana photo Nadi. On a picture it is noticeable that little girl is intently watching as the master paints her nails bright varnish.

      Fans were touched by the desire of three Nadi to midnicht and care for themselves. They came in excited that mom is happy to support the girl’s desire from an early age to take care of the beauty. “Yeah! An example of a number that my mother, sister, worthy of emulation!”, “Good, babe and little lady!”, “And it sits not spinning, not spinning”, – noticed the loyal fans of the famous athletes.

      Many fans have already noted the desire of the baby to be like his famous mother. Not so long ago, Tatiana has published a photograph of a girl in a hurry somewhere with a very serious look – wearing sunglasses and a backpack. Fans said that the girl looks business-like and incredibly charming.

      Despite the fact that Tatiana is in Sochi, where she shines in the ice musical “Carmen”, it is inseparable from his heir. Fans watched with interest as spending time Olympic champion with her little daughter – they swim and sunbathe on the beach, walk and just spend time at home.

      Tatiana Navka’s daughter came up with original entertainment

      While little Nadia is just beginning to explore the world, eldest daughter of Alexander Navka already building his career in show business. A year ago she recorded her debut song and recently released a new hit. Despite the fact that the girl a lot of time giving music lessons, she is learning in school. Ninth grade girl finished with “excellent”, with only one of the Quartet. Alexis: “I don’t date!”

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