Ксения Собчак высмеяла слухи об отце своего ребенка TV presenter with humor reacted to the accusations of the blogger. Lena Miro asks the question, who is actually the dad of the unborn child of Ksenia Sobchak. The presenter ridiculed the assumption of the author. Soon a celebrity for the first time will become a mother.

      The news of the pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak spread around the Internet in late spring. Still the public discussing impending motherhood presenter. Around this theme comes a lot of rumors. Some of them Sobchak completely ignores, and on some mocks and makes fun of the authors of absurd stories. Blogger Lena Miro said that the father of the unborn child Sobchak is not a celebrity husband Maxim Vitorgan. Also the author of the publication said that six months ago the TV presenter was sent to her husband of the famous singer Natalia Ionova, better known as Gluk’oza, Alexander Chistyakov photos of an intimate nature. Blogger remember who built relationships TV presenter, and also the fact that it has long been said that does not like children. Sobchak decided to be condescending to such rumors, and even did not hesitate to give publicity to an article blogger.

      Maxim Vitorgan entertains pregnant Ksenia Sobchak

      “Well, voracious fetus in the womb Ksenia Sobchak ate the last remnants of the brain in some network worms,” wrote TV presenter in microblogging, and published a screenshot of the text of the blogger.

      Fans were in awe of how cleverly responded Sobchak on unsubstantiated claims of Lena. OK, the author of this statement in the photo – sick. But why would a pregnant woman to send? This is worse than write nasty things about Sobchak and her pregnancy,” “I wonder where this miss ideas? Understand it all, scandal, attention…there Is a need to come up with!”, “As always, the trip was a worthy response to the unworthy statements,” there was no limit to the indignation of the loyal fans of the presenter.

      In one publication Ksenia has not stopped. She decided to develop the theme and fun of the blogger. She demonstrated correspondence with Chistyakov, where they allegedly discuss the topic of paternity of the unborn child Sobchak. Husband Natalia Ionova also with humor reacted to the absurd situation.

      “Still, the most important quality that I value in friends is wit,” wrote Sobchak in his microblog. Apparently, neither she nor Alexander and his wife Natalya are not serious and are not offended by such suggestions of the blogger.

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