Сын Натальи Крачковской перезахоронит отца рядом с актрисой The heir to the artist prepares the documents to implement the plan. According to Vasily Vladimirovich, for several months he struggles with officials and solve the bureaucratic issues. Man I’d love if his parents were buried in one cemetery.

      Сын Натальи Крачковской перезахоронит отца рядом с актрисой

      Five months ago, on 78-m to year of life has become the star of the movie “12 chairs”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation” Natalia Krachkovskaya. The actress was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery – the last journey was held by family, friends and thousands of fans. While at the grave of Natalia Leonidovna simple wooden cross, photo frame) and invariably many colors…

      “Monument planned to put, most likely, on the first anniversary, – shares with “StarHit” Vasily Vladimirovich, the son of Krachkovskaya. – I’m now another very important question: prepare documents to rebury the remains of his father, Vladimir Vasilievich. He died 28 years ago, in 1988, Papa is buried at the Transfiguration cemetery. Want to now he was next to mom… I Think the problem with it, but there is in fact a continuous bureaucracy – not the first month of fighting with the officials.”

      Natalia Krachkovskaya had a premonition of his death

      The legacy Natalya Leonidovna left to the relatives of two apartments and a small personal savings.

      “One dwelling, one-bedroom apartment on the street Maria Ulyanova, she a few years ago gave her grandson Volodya – continues Vasily Krachkovsky. – Mother adored him – I always wondered how he’s doing, how’s school, was looking forward to a visit. The apartment was leased, and the money bought expensive drugs, paid physicians. Recently Vova it has moved from removable. He now receives the second higher education on speciality of computational mathematics and Cybernetics is studying, hanging out… In the second, also a one-room apartment on the street fotievoj, my mother lived since childhood – now everything remained as she left it: a portrait of Nikas Safronov at the entrance, which she loved, icons, the Bible on the nightstand, dresses and stuff her hands in a large wardrobe… Often come here – watch the order: Natalya Leonidovna loved that it was clean. In the future we plan to move here with his wife, to make repairs, but most of the situation leave as is.
      Сын Натальи Крачковской перезахоронит отца рядом с актрисой

      Every month, Vasily Vladimirovich buys a bouquet of flowers and comes to the cemetery. “Of course I miss my mom, as without it… the most interesting conversations with her, family dinners, when we gathered at her house with the whole family,” admits the actress’s son. – The first time after she died, the mother often I dreamed… of Course, she will always be with me – in photos, in films, in memory!”

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