Tatiana Navka found unusual for the heiress

Татьяна Навка нашла необычное увлечение для наследницы The skater has shared another touching photo with the youngest daughter. This time her mother went to the country equestrian club. Tatiana was very glad to take the opportunity to rest, and at the same time for the first time to put their two year old baby horse.

      Tatiana Navka tries to spend as much time as possible with the Hope. To the disappointment of athletes, she did not always do it, because she works a lot. However, whenever mother and daughter play together, go for walks in the fresh vodoju and otpravlyayutsya to rest in the suburbs. One of these trips, Navka decided to spend a weekend special.

      Younger heiress Tatiana Navka is not afraid of hard work

      Think Tatiana is a huge fan of outdoor activities, so even in a free day she decided not to sit at home and together with the successor to go to the horses. Navka said unexpectedly in the records under one of the frames that she’s allergic to these animals. However, she so much wanted to come, couldn’t resist.

      Obviously, fans of the skaters were surprised when in one of the posts appeared little Hope. Some admitted that they never expected to see the heiress Tatiana in such a place. Moreover, the girl was at the track not as a spectator or guest of the arena, but the true horsewoman. The baby sat on a white pony, and her mother was beside her daughter, holding back that lost balance.

      Note that together with Navka in the suburbs went to the son of Dmitry Peskov from his first marriage to Mika. He also rode horses, but unlike the little sisters is not just sitting on a horse. Subscribers were cut to the seen frames. They appreciated the efforts of Tatiana, who teaches Hope for an active lifestyle. Some followers after learning that figure skater is allergic to horses, subspecies and gave her a few tips on how to ease the disease.

      All the attention of Internet users were fully focused on Nadia. She received a lot of compliments and has become a major subject of discussion in the comments. Followers of Tatiana admitted that the girl grew quickly, so it is not surprising that the Pastor is not afraid to take it with you on Ippodrom.

      “What is it you wonderful, like you!”, “Wow! Wow. Already rider Hope!” “Brave girl. The mother is not boring!”, “Can you imagine how much joy for a child, a horse to ride this”, “that rare occasion when star mommy post is not outfits and resorts, and how engaged in the development of your child!” – expressed the view subscribers.