Сын Сергея Лазарева впервые вышел на сцену The two-year Nikita accompanies the Pope during the tour. Sergey Lazarev released a new photo of his successor, in which he is depicted during preparation for a concert. Singer predicts baby career in show business and the participation in “Eurovision”.

      Famous singer Sergey Lazarev, more than two years carefully hid from the public the fact that he had a son, decided to declassify the heir and showed the boy to his full height.

      Sergey Lazarev took a two-year Nikita with him on tour to St. Petersburg, where he brought the kid on stage. However, there was a debut not during a concert, and before starting it. But the son, whom the singer has shared in the microblog, created a furor among subscribers Lazarev. In the picture the baby is turned with their backs to the camera, he stands on the podium and the little hand touches the installation, as if checking if everything is done properly.

      “Lazarev, Jr., inspects the scene. For the concert all ready,” commented the son of Sergey Lazarev. The post he was accompanied by the hashtag #sinitaru, #держисьевровидение2038, making it clear who he wants to see an heir in the foreseeable future.

      Fans of the singer could not hold back emotions from the emotion. They immediately started complimenting the kid and his dad and wish both happiness and goodness. “Your assistant and support in life, joy and comfort! Happiness and good people in life. And you – strength, wisdom, endless patience and love”, “a Little miracle! Nikita will go on “Eurovision -2038″ and there all will tear as did his dad!”, “Let Nikita is growing to the delight of mom and dad!”, “Little helper. What a cute baby you are growing!”, “God bless you and your family all the best,” “my God! What a stitch! Nikitushka helps dad a Charmer!”, “This lovely little picture you can gaze endlessly. And in 2038 it will be just the bomb! Lazarev Jr. is about to take off”, – such comments leave fans of Sergey Lazarev.

      Recall that the singer’s raising a son, it became known in the end of last year. For two and a half years, the artist is concealed from the public that he has a child. The boy was born in 2014. Earlier Lazarev never spoke to journalists about his heir, and did not appear in public with the baby. The camera lenses the performer and his son came by chance returning together from the temple.

      Immediately after the existence of his child was revealed, Sergey Lazarev has asked all his fans to respect his right to tell about his personal life only what he sees fit. He tells about the son in the microblog, but in those two months a couple of times published photos, which hinted that the boy stays with his stellar dad. New photo Sergey Lazarev with his son made a splash on the Network