Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка» Former member of “House-2” told about the imminent fatherhood, fights with her mother and the threats of Dmitry Tarasov. The man remembered some striking episodes of his life, which forced him to look at everything differently. In an interview with “StarHit” Rustam Solntsev open up and revealed something that previously was silent.

      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»

      Over the 12 years of the “House-2” on the project visited more than a thousand participants. And only a few managed to be remembered to the audience and left the show, do not cease to be a part of the world of show business. These include Rustam Solntsev – after project last year, it continues to flicker on TV screens, and even recently released their program TOK! CHTO? In the first series Rustam told about a dozen, as he called them “ghouls” of the “House-2”, and next plans to convey to the audience, one of the famous Actresses and singers he considers the most nasty in the Russian show-business. “StarHit” talked with the former occupant of the famous telestroke and found out what filled his life the last few years.

      Rustam Solntsev made the list of “vampires” of the “House-2”

      Rustam, the other former members of “sunk into oblivion”, I don’t envy you that invite to be a speaker in “Let them talk” and “Live”?
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»Well, maybe I am, but I do not make any claims. Us “not sunk”, in fact the two I and Stepan Menshikov. It’s from girls I don’t compare myself, it is easier to attract attention, they have to do is Breasts and butt. I do not care who envies me, the main thing I do not envy anyone. Although no, I lie… Look at the family Dasha and Sergei Pynzar and I think that I want two children. I even have started to address this issue, passed the necessary tests, and now looking for a surrogate mother. To create a family do not want married I already was, and the marriage remained not in delight. Don’t want to lose freedom and to depend on other people – wife, mother-in-law… So you’ll have to contact a stranger. The point is not easy, a lot of subtleties – for example, lawyers, I learned that clients surrogate mothers unprotected people, the woman always has the right to keep the child, even if you kept the entire pregnancy… But I don’t stop I believe that fate will bring me someone who will make me father.

      She knows that could soon become a grandmother?
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»Of course! We have a trusted relationship, and I tell her everything. Try to help her put on the card weekly, a minimum of 20 thousand rubles and more, if required. We swear rarely, and then only because of my style of dress. About six months ago, I discovered the rage in the 90s – “sweatshirts”, vintage jeans, baseball caps. Mom didn’t like it and she is shouting at me, but it is useless – I’m still gonna wear what the soul is. My mom is also kind like me, very upset, if he sees that someone wrote about me on the Internet nasty. I’m trying to calm her down – they say, why spend nerves? For example, I was recently at the “House-2” and in the conversation we were talking about a girl Dasha, which other members accused of that before getting into the show, she was an escort with elements GIMP pampered rich perverts. It began to slack off, and I stood up – you’d think all the other “damouzy” so Holy! I do not like when the pack humiliate one on a primitive level, without humor and irony, and evil with hatred. Like to defend the weak and the poor… When the program aired, the Internet attacked me for what stood on the side of Dashi, called last words… my Mom read it and was very worried about, even though I tried to explain to her that all this stuff I write miserable women in menopause and faded bathrobes. They sit on these forums without a profile photo: it is unclear who is knocking on the keys – either a monkey, or a robot. They are worth nothing… And I’m standing, if you are forcing them to recall familiar letters and to write about me.
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»
      Did you receive threats?
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»A couple of years ago for me at the airport pounced ex-husband Oli buzovoy Dima Tarasov. Accidentally saw me in Domodedovo, he flew up and started yelling, waving their fists in my face, what I wrote about him something bad on Twitter. I tried to explain that I’m “Twitter”-no, but there was no stopping him… I felt bad for him that he conducts himself – was standing next to Olga and she was clearly uncomfortable for the wife, besides, there are already people gathered and filmed the scene on mobile. Humiliating sight… Then I realized that he’s a phony and she understands it, but not leaving him. Like any Capricorn, she wanted to Park successfully and live comfortably to old age. And who in her place would have refused the player who turn their millions of dollars? Can’t blame her, any woman will want such support.In General, nobody threatens me, I love it. Lately I feel such love from others – I just bathe in it. Because people see that I’m a kind person, always protect the weak, not angry. I don’t hurt anyone, not rude, not being silly, not yelling, like Gauguin Solntsev – this distinguishes me from the contingent of the same “House-2”, for example. You’d be surprised how many people wrote to me who the Council asks the husband to return, who asks for a funny joke to Instagram to tell the mood has improved… I do not deny anyone – help I can.
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»
      Your fans are actively discussing that lately you’ve recovered…
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»I actually gained weight on the “House-2” – a lot of nervous and stress-eating junk food – sandwiches and chocolate. Still trying to get rid of these ill-fated kilograms… in my car always carry a form of sport, every day I go to the gym. In food too, try to limit yourself – don’t eat sugar, bread, pasta… actually the photo I look fatter than it is. In my life I am strong, pig I will not name.

      And plastic do not do more planning?
      Рустам Солнцев: «Ищу суррогатную мать для своего ребенка»No, I last year operated on the lips, took from them the whole polymer, and they now have me natural. More under the surgeon’s knife to go will not.—
      You earn by doing events. Enough to live on?
      It can be, although in connection with the crisis, fees have fallen sooner in the light of 700 thousand rubles per month can get now above half a million to jump does not work, although I speak almost every day – more than me none of the former participants “House-2” not touring.