Владимир Епифанцев снимает квартиру для бывшей жены и ее любовника Luxury housing in the center of Moscow cost the actor a round sum. Vladimir yepifantsev each month pays for two-storey apartment of 250 thousand rubles. The star admits that despite difficult relations with Anastasiya vedenskaya and the other man, he continues to love the mother of his sons and wants her to be fine.

      Владимир Епифанцев снимает квартиру для бывшей жены и ее любовника

      Actor and Director Vladimir Epifantsev openly talked about the complicated relationship with Anastasiya vedenskaya, the mother of his two sons, with whom he is still married. Vladimir yepifantsev said about divorce

      The couple already half a year did not live together. Anastasia has another man, dancer Dmitry Tashkin. Knowing this, Vladimir yepifantsev pays-wife and her new lover luxury housing in the heart of Moscow, on Malaya Bronnaya. Two-storey apartment, which in addition to the bedrooms, a billiard room, fireplace room and bath, cost Epifantsev 250 thousand rubles a month.

      “My children live there Gordey and Orfey and I want to do. So they could play Billiards, and then unwind at the fireplace, – explained his position Vladimir Epifantsev in the “million dollar Secret” of the NTV channel. – With regard to lover Anastasia… I know him. He is a great guy! He cares about my sons, but they know that dad is me. Dima helps us with Nastya to agree, she is aggressive towards me, and he tries her to calm down.”
      Владимир Епифанцев снимает квартиру для бывшей жены и ее любовника

      Speaking about the reasons of rupture with his wife, 45-year-old actor admitted that their relationship has always been complicated. 29-year-old Anastasia, according to Epifantsev, constantly nervous, requiring him emotions and surprises. “I ten years have not made a single surprise – said Vladimir yepifantsev. I hate to give flowers. It’s disgusting. Gift – perfume or clothing.”

      A few years ago the actor met the woman with whom, according to his confession, he was nice and calm. However, for this reason to leave his wife he wouldn’t. Anastasiya Vedenskaya found out about the mistress, putting a recorder in his jacket pocket husband. Occlusal recording, she put epifantseva the door. The man admitted that the breakup with his wife, who bore him two sons, had come so easily to him. Several times he left and came back. And now, talking about the breakup with his wife, he could not refrain from tears.

      “The first half I was very worried, had a lot of pain. I returned, trying to salvage the relationship, but the agony continued. Anastasia is constantly immerses me in a negative, scary swears, he calls bastard, – says Vladimir Epifantsev. But I still love her, she’s very touching. I understand that she has deep resentment for the father who left her little girl. She can’t get rid of it. And takes vengeance on all men.”