Дочь Сергея Лаврова: «Я хотела связать жизнь с русским» For the first time in a long time, the successor Sergey Lavrov decided to have a Frank conversation. She tries not to dwell on the personal life and tells about the famous dad. But now the woman did not hesitate to share some details which was not mentioned before.

      Дочь Сергея Лаврова: «Я хотела связать жизнь с русским»

      About the life of the heirs of major politicians and public figures are often little known. They try not to dwell on his personal life and not to give detailed comments. And Ekaterina Vinokurova was no exception, but now the woman dared to candid interviews. She first spoke about career, family and the impact that has had on her dad. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov is one of the most recognizable political figures not only in Russia but also in the world. Of his career you know a lot. Male repeatedly gave interviews on the subject, although the question of the family he touched always superficial. Therefore, his sole heiress, Ekaterina Vinokurova is practically unknown. However, recently the daughter of a diplomat decided to have a Frank conversation.

      Ekaterina Vinokurova have lived in the US for almost 17 years. When she was only four years old, Sergei Lavrov, was appointed Ambassador of Russia to the UN and sent to serve in new York. It was there for a long time the family lived policy. Catherine successfully graduated from the prestigious Columbia University, where for several years he studied political science. Vinokurov believes that the years spent in higher education, became one of the brightest and happiest of her life. After graduating, the successor Lavrov went to study for a year in London. This decision was crucial – there she met her future husband.

      Дочь Сергея Лаврова: «Я хотела связать жизнь с русским»

      Despite the famous name, which has always been on the rumor, Catherine did not build a career abroad and returned to Russia. She knew that it has a long way to success. The woman spent almost ten years before started her own art business. She has worked in the largest auction of Christie’s, which has grown to the position of Director. Interestingly, in parallel with the work Catherine had to get married and even give birth to two children.

      As soon as it came to Smart Art, Vinokourov was able to exhale with relief. She finally found exactly what I was looking for. Explain that the firm Catherine is engaged in the promotion of art. She serves as an intermediary between artists and collectors. “I hope that in 10-15 years our artists will take pride of place in Museum collections, in the collections of the major funds and in the homes of important collectors. This is the main motivation!” – said Vinokourov.

      Дочь Сергея Лаврова: «Я хотела связать жизнь с русским»

      Speaking about relationships, the woman does not hide that he feels loved and cherished. She and her husband, Alexander Vinokurov are peers. For ten years they were happily married. According to Catherine, the man always gives support and helps to cope with problems. Vinokurova like that her choice of personal grooming, sports and generally lead an active lifestyle.

      “If I have any problem I can’t solve, I call Sasha, and the problem will be solved. I love alpha men with strong character. Sometimes, of course, a little bit suffer from it, because I’m leaving on the second plan, and its decision is law. But I’m willing to put up with it because he is our family leader. My dad have also always been in charge. Still, it’s very important that the man was a sports”, – said Vinokourov.

      Catherine tries to meet her husband, therefore, regularly visits the gym and performs exercises with a trainer, does Pilates and has recently acquired a subscription to the pool. Together with Alexander they are doing a triathlon, commit extreme outdoorsy and like to ride in the mountains. Vinokourov appreciates the elect a sense of humor. The woman always wanted to marry a Russian, because the mentality of the foreigners did not suit her.

      Ekaterina Vinokurova, a successful businesswoman, so she clearly planned. She prefers not to stand still and seeks implementation of the target. This attitude to life, it is passed from a famous father. The woman has told that from a very early age, dad gave her valuable guidance, instilled a love of work.

      “I’m an only child and I always said, you have to rely on your strength, you must achieve… Is that women’s education suit less seriously – we somehow believed that the boy needs this, this and this, and the girl is optional. But I wasn’t treated,” – said Catherine.

      The owner of the Smart Art grateful to him for the confidence he instilled in her. Interestingly, his noble birth, Catherine never boasted. According to Vinokurova, people know that all the way from higher education to open a business, she was herself and not trying to help dad. “I never hid who my father is. But I almost never talk about it. Of course, the main assistance was the education I was given,” – said the heiress Lavrov.

      The full interview with Ekaterina Vinokurova, visit the website of Marie Claire: Ekaterina Vinokurova about father Sergei Lavrov, the work at Christie’s and the project Smart Art