Татьяна Буланова пытается забыть развод в объятиях молодого актера The artist attributed a new novel. According to some, Tatyana Bulanov often seen in the company of 33-year-old Sergei Maximov. They appeared together at parties.
Татьяна Буланова пытается забыть развод в объятиях молодого актера

After the divorce, with Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov has not lost hope to marry again. The singer and football player broke up a good relationship: ex-wife even live in the same housing. They managed to forget all grudges.

“There has been influenced by several factors. Then the transmission started to go that girl, the blonde. She told me that literally lives with Vlad, claimed that is friends with his mom. I later learned that Vlad’s mother really talked to her, and since then, our contacts came to naught. But it’s not just about the cheating. Simple relations have been exhausted, the thrill is gone but we have kept a great relationship,” said Bulanov in a recent TV show.

Tatiana Bulanov confessed to cheating husband

By the way, recently the actress was seen in the company of 33-year-old actor TV show. Sergey Maksimov speaks in transvestite shows, changing clothes in Tatyana Bulanov. Star noticed a young guy. Sometimes the singer see in the arms of Sergei at different restaurants. Reporters asked what kind of relationship Maximov Bulanova.

Tanya pleased that I popularize her image. But I must admit: Bulanov a very beautiful woman, and it is possible to fall in love! I love her creativity and that she is a kind and sincere man who went towards me and accepted me for who I am,” said Sergei.

As reported by the journalists of the newspaper “Moments” Maximov refused to discuss in detail the relationship with the star.

In modern show business Actresses often choose their deputies much younger than himself, so many believe that Tatiana decided to follow this trend. However, while that Radimov has some emotions for his ex-wife that can stop her.

“Just recently he wrote me: “I love you”. I responded with a smiley face. Not sure what that something might come out. In any case, we communicate well, do not quarrel. Of course, divorce was very hard, but I believe that it was necessary,” said Bulanov.