Anastasia burst into tears at the meeting in the ex-driver

Анастасия Волочкова расплакалась на заседании по делу экс-водителя May 16, in Moscow was held the next trial on the high-profile process. However, a former employee of Anastasia Volochkova are unable to deliver to the court, which caused outrage from a celebrity. The artist had specifically set aside to meet with Alexander Skitaca.
Анастасия Волочкова расплакалась на заседании по делу экс-водителя

Anastasia is fighting with a former driver Alexander Skitaca in court. The actress accused the man of cheating. Skirtach denies such information. Moreover, he recently said sexual harassment Volochkova. According to Alexander, the star allegedly did not forgive his refusal to close, therefore, and began to retaliate.

Ex-driver Volochkova has accused her of sexual harassment to employees

Hearing Skirtach pass in the Tver court of Moscow. On Wednesday, there was a scheduled regular meeting, but a suspect could not deliver for technical reasons. When Anastasia heard that, she started to argue. The celebrity said that she had to change the plans in connection with the litigation.

“I have today had to be the concert. I came here to listen to witnesses. Where is this fellow?” – asked the actress to the judge Maria Mezentseva.

Volochkova has expressed outrage and lawyer Skirtach Michael Umnov. The star reminded the lawyer that he had health problems, so he was unable to attend another meeting. The ballerina also commented on the recent scandalous interview with the former driver.

“You first got sick and we were looking for. Have you had a fever or don’t know what else. Today there is this clown [Skytech]. Do you know why procrastinate? Because he was released under house arrest, practically free. He is now a star of TV, giving interviews. Pours dirt, what he wants,” – says celebrity.

According to Anastasia, her former employee a bad upbringing, but he’s already made his choice. The judge decided to stop the actress and asked her to speak only on the merits. Mariya Mezentseva found the accusations unfounded and ballerina once again reminded of the reasons why Skirtach are unable to deliver on the process. Volochkova also chided what she wants the suspect brought to the court by the representatives of the FSIN.

However the lawyer of Anastasia and the state Prosecutor said they have nothing against the postponement. The star herself was so excited that could not hold back emotions. Volochkova tears and said that more can not. “It’s just very unfair,” said Anastasia.

The judge asked Volochkova to calm down and “stop the concert” and recalled that the star is not necessary to attend the meetings. Interests Anastasia is able to present one of her lawyer. “We can consider the case without you if you feel emotionally difficult,” – said Mezentsev “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.