“This is luxury!” Maria Kozhevnikov showed a photo with her husband

«Вот это роскошь!» Мария Кожевникова показала редкое фото с мужем
The actress has been a favorite in the convertible.

Photo: Instagram

Maria Kozhevnikova is a very long time showed the public her husband, businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev. But not because of superstition, but simply because he is absolutely not a public person. The spouse realizes that the life of a popular actress one way or another will always be in full view of others, but asked to protect him from the hype. By the way, because of this position about Kozhevnikov there were rumors: that she was having an affair with a very difficult person, she hides it from everyone, giving birth to two sons…

So Maria decided to “show” to fans of her husband. Since then, she occasionally allows herself to be published in a personal blog a favorite photo once a year.

Another picture of the star showed fans yesterday. Subscribers stars glad that Kozhevnikova have everything in your personal life unchanged, but also noted that Maria lives with her family rather chic. The fact that the photo of the spouses was made during a trip on a steep sport convertible. Also did not escape the attention of people and cool leather interior, and a gold watch of Mary… “the man handsome!” noticed some female fans Kozhevnikova.

Some also suspected Mary in the next pregnancy. But these rumors are likely wrong yet. The younger son Kozhevnikova, whose name still has not been reported yet. The actress just gave myself “dobermani” look and is now actively engaged in the work.