Татьяна Буланова эффектно преобразилась и стала неузнаваемой
The singer decided to undergo plastic surgery.

Tatiana Bulanova

Photo: @buslya Instagram Tatiana Bulanova

Fans won’t know Tatyana Bulanov on recent published in social networks photo. Fresh portrait of 49-year-old actress was placed in her personal microblog. “When the rain and the mood is not very necessary to go to the salon to do new hairstyle!” — signed frame Tatiana.

The singer says that looks different because of the change of the hairstyle, but fans assume that Bulanova resorted to a much more radical methods of rejuvenation.

Changes in appearance of the fans blamed on conducted plastic surgery. “This Is Tatiana? Very beautiful and stylish, but completely not like himself”, “You never know! Not only because of the hair…”, “for 25 Years looks, nothing more!” “I could not pass up! Tatiana, You are very!”, “The older — the younger!” write to Tatyana.

However, Bulanova claims that have never used the services of plastic surgeons, although from his youth dreamed of to correct some of its shortcomings. However, Tatiana is afraid of all doctors, without exception, even the singer’s trip to the dentist is accompanied by serious worries. According to star, she suffered in his life only one operation — for appendicitis.

We will remind that quite recently Bulanov said that her youngest son Nikita underwent emergency surgery. The boy has picked up a splinter, which led eventually to serious inflammation.