Анна Снаткина патологически боится располнеть After the birth of her daughter, the actress is seriously concerned about her figure. Anna Snatkina is weighed every day. If the mass of her body increases to at least perkilogram, Anna immediately sits on a strict diet.
Анна Снаткина патологически боится располнеть

The husband of the actress Victor Vasiliev spoke about the fears famous wife Anna Snatkina. Comedian told that the artist was removed from the diet all harmful products, it is pathologically afraid to get better. Snatkina weighed every day.

Анна Снаткина патологически боится располнеть“I wanted to establish proper nutrition and established. And so successful in this that now can access courses “How to lose weight in a few days.” Can you imagine: she’s on the set and touring carries a small scale to measure out the correct “dose” products. If suddenly sees that gained at least a pound, starts to worry and immediately goes on a diet. By the way, Anya is gonna kill me now, but I confess to the terrible crime. We broke down home scales, Anya asked them to look at. I immediately realized that it is necessary only to replace the battery but told Ana that is out of order electronics and need some serious repairs. And now we have a home not weights, Anya walks in a great mood, and I’m happy that she’s okay!” with a smile he told the comedian.
Анна Снаткина патологически боится располнеть

In addition to a pathological fear of gaining weight Anna you’ll be a maniacal craving for cleaning. For the actress it is very important that her house was spotlessly clean.

“Family life taught me a lot. Taking a perfectionist and I used to think that everyone should be like me. If cleaning is not just clean, but perfectly clean. If I hate litter, annoy me “wrong” standing shoes or dishes, and others must feel the same. But Vitya – other, like “artistic mess” – confessed Snatkina.
Анна Снаткина патологически боится располнеть

Snatkina said that long tried to adopt the habits of the husband in the home. Only with time, the actress has realized that families must negotiate.

“When you love someone and want to live with him, it is better to change the approach. For example, I just started to move my husband’s things in his “creative corner”. And when Vite need something to do around the house, write the assignment on a piece of paper and hang it in a prominent place – on the front door. I know about the problem remember and calm. And Victor’s calm, because he no superfluous words remind me what to do… In any case, happiness is still not neatly folded socks,” said the actress.

Snatkina and Vasiliev also said that decided to take five year old daughter Veronica from kindergarten. The pair shows little of the public and journalists, according to them, the child grows very gifted, rhythmic gymnastics and learning English with three (!) months of life.

“Instead of kindergarten, she began to attend pre-school, which lasts for half a day: there children are taught to read and write, study English and mathematics. And of course, her education every day we are engaged with Victor, plus invited the vocal teacher who prepares the daughter to enroll in a music school. And all the while nick dedicates gymnastics”, – said Anna in an interview with “7 days”.