Nikolay Karachentsov: “I dream that the cancer receded”

Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил» For almost a month 73-year-old entertainer together with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos is located in tel Aviv. “The sea, the sun, everything is in bloom – beautiful!” – often repeats Nikolay Petrovich. But in Israel, they went not to rest…
Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»

Six months ago the idol of millions found lung cancer, he re-lived the whole country. Efforts of Russian doctors and six courses of chemotherapy, the tumor shrank from 10 to 3 centimeters. And in order to fully kill the infection, he was advised to go to the Holy land, because the local doctors some of the most successful in the fight against cancer. He is now undergoing radiotherapy in the clinic, Sapir Medical. And Lyudmila Andreevna organizes life. “StarHit” visited Nikolai Petrovich and saw how the lives of the famous actor.


The cost of treatment in elite Israeli hospital initially seemed prohibitive for Karachentsova. The benefit of influential friends gathered three million rubles on the course. The managing Director of the hospital, mark Katznelson helped to rent a three-room flat almost in the heart of tel Aviv, three minute walk from the establishment. The apartment is quite simple but has all the necessary furniture and appliances. Near Nikolai Petrovich-hour nurse Jan. And every morning comes artist employee of the hospital, who accompanies him to the treatment room. Karachentsov recognized on the street and in the hospital. Children smile and adults wish for a speedy recovery.

Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»“One therapy session lasts 15-20 minutes – says Lyudmila Porgina. – The principle of its operation is that the tumor seems to be “roasted”. In 11 hours we have at home. At first nick a little rest, and sleep after doing exercises – sit-UPS, hands and feet. Then comes lunch time. My husband is on a special diet. He only dishes that are steamed. But he’s a sweet tooth, so for the happiness to buy cakes with whipped cream and praline is just a delight! In General, the cuisine in Israel is developed, as nowhere else. She derived great pleasure from the local cuisine. Like marine reptiles, however, often call them beasts.”
Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»

After Nikolai Petrovich sent to the nearest Park, where there are giant Fig trees. The trees are woven together and form the shadow. Due to daily exposure to the actor is prohibited to stay long under the sun.

“Driving in circles, then sit on the bench and start doing special exercises, – continues Lyudmila Andreevna. – I read my husband his favorite poems by Sergei Yesenin, and he repeats: “no regrets, No pain, no sorrow, everything goes, as a white Apple smoke…” Then a rather long line, and when nick says it, they are working on it and breathing. In our case, it is a vital necessity.”

Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»

An oasis in the desert

In the evening Porgina usually organizes a cultural program. The couple regularly visit the theatre “Gesher” that have already seen the production of “the tunnel” and “Village”. At Karachentsova in tel Aviv a lot of friends, and in the nearby city of Rishon-Le-Zion living relatives of their daughter-in-law Irene, which has already managed to visit the house of the famous artist.

Walked Nikolai Petrovich and celebration in honor of Israel’s independence Day – energy Lyudmila Andreevna does not hold.

According to Porgina first husband was not very happy that they have so long to stay in tel Aviv, but then fell in love with the city.

Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»
Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»“You know how cool in the evening to wander along the coast and breathe in the warm, saturated air – adds Ludmila Andreevna. – Dreaming that we have conquered the disease on the ground where Jesus walked. Just 70 years in the desert built over the oasis. God, what energy! Pray every day. If in Moscow, I felt the approach of darkness, it has now retreated. No more despair and oppressive boredom. Kolya and I see only good dreams: the sun, meadows, light… there was a confidence that we will succeed. So I want to still live in this world. After all, there is always going to be, and there is still so much to do. As nick always says: “How good of you to have me!”
Николай Караченцов: «Мне снится, что рак отступил»

Close on: regularly call son Andrew, daughter-in-law Irene and grandchildren of Peter and John. The younger, Olga, is still too young to talk on the phone. This week I Karachentsov ends the course of therapy, after which the doctors carry out the examination of the patient and will be able to predict. In the coming days Porgina plans to get to Jerusalem to pray at the Wailing Wall and ask for healing for a loved one.