Муж рассказал о состоянии Натальи Селезневой после операции
The actress has launched a health problem.

Natalia Selezneva

Photo: the frame of the program “to visit In the morning”

Natalia Selezneva underwent emergency surgery. As it became known, some time ago, the actress accidentally injured, but instead turn to professionals, tried to cope with the consequences “on their own”. As it turned out, Selezneva was the hip fracture. Due to the fact that Natalia “started” the problem, she needed surgical intervention.

Status Selezneva told her husband Vladimir Andreev, who all this time carefully looked after wife. “Now Natasha is already better. She stoically endured the whole story. Launched the trauma, thought self-will. In the end, she had to have an operation on her hip. Kept stoically. She’s not thrown her, thank God, there is someone to care. I spend almost all the time,” — said the husband Selezneva in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

72-year-old actress is optimistic and is preparing after discharge from the hospital to return to active life. And yet, back home, Seleznev wants to resume the process of weight loss. Not so long ago she sat on a rigid diet in order to lose weight, which prevents her to feel energetic. Natalia has told earlier in interview that all his life remained slim, not applying to this no effort. However with age she has slowed down a metabolism and keeping fit has become much more difficult.