“Tajik Princess” have agreed to dress in 40 million

«Таджикская принцесса» оправдалась за платье в 40 миллионов Madina shokirova could not determine the choice. Girl looking for the wedding dress of your dreams. At the end of October the marriage of the heiress of the Tajik millionaire became the subject of considerable discussion.

      «Таджикская принцесса» оправдалась за платье в 40 миллионов

      At the end of October has died down once a luxury wedding, this time married the heiress of the Tajik millionaire Ilkhom shokirova Madina. The chic ceremony was discussed for several days. But most of all, public attention was attracted to the wedding dress girl. White dress with a long train cost the bride in a fabulous sum – 40 million roubles. The girl told why she decided to stop the choice on this outfit. As it turned out, despite the fact that Madina had a virtually unlimited amount of money on a dress to find it was a daunting task.

      Kirkorov, Urgant and Gluk’oza walked at his daughter’s wedding Tajik millionaire

      “The choice of the dress took me a lot of time, effort and nerves. I thought that “my” dress I can find, choose, or come up with immediately, but there it was. When I went to all the favorite fashion house and realized that there the heart has not missed a beat — beginning to get nervous. At first I ordered the dress in Chanel, master even made the frame, but at some point, I doubted whether very elegant, as is customary in our Eastern traditions. And then I decided to tempt fate in Albion,” – said shokirova.

      British designers Ralph&Russo was able to realize her dream of a wedding dress. Madina did not want to be like other brides, in a festive day in the life, so main criteria for it was the originality of the dress. Specifically for the successor of the Tajik millionaire was made a sketch with exclusive embroidery. Shokirova came to six or seven fittings to designers to be able to bring the outfit to perfection.

      Despite the fact that the wedding of Madina and her current husband Sardor discussed by the General public, the girl attention was a bit annoying.

      Shokirova frequented the shows of designers on a world scale, but admits that she refers to clothing without fanaticism.

      “My style is hard to describe. In the morning I can wear a white t-shirt, denim jacket and your favorite sneakers adidas Stan Smith (by the way, my friends are so used to the way that a bachelorette gave me a decade of denim jackets and 15 pairs of sneakers, adidas), and in the evening, high heels and dress baby doll. So me, the “storm” during the day”, – said Madina, in an interview with reporters edition of Grazia.