Victoria Bonia forced to talk about the breakup with elect

Викторию Боню вынудили заговорить о расставании с избранником Socialite commented on the numerous conjectures of the Internet users. We will remind that recently in the Network appeared information about the fact that Bonia and her civil husband Alex Smurfit supposedly not together anymore. Victoria hastened to clarify the situation.

      Recently fans of the socialite and TV presenter Victoria Boni were not a little alarmed. The fact that she stopped posting pictures together with the civil husband Alex Servicom, and the man himself has deleted his blog. In addition, fans celebrities have not found the businessman in a recent issue of her blog, which she told me about one day of their lives. “Something Alex next to her is not seen”, “did you break up?”, “Very sad,” was discussed by the subscribers of Victoria.

      Bonia familiarized with the review of followers, and hastened to clarify the many rumors that she allegedly had a fight with Servicom. According to the woman, they are far from the truth. Victoria explained to subscribers that the removal of her beloved from social networks does not indicate the crisis in relations with him. She also told that prefers not to share with Internet users the details of his personal life.

      “The fact that my husband walked away from the “Instagram”, does not mean that he departed from my life too. A photo for you. But I want to remind you that we prefer to keep our happiness in silence. Away from your eyes. Thank you for cackling for us,” said Victoria.

      Fans of the socialite happy for her and wish all the best. “Good girl, Victoria, so be it”, “doing the Right thing by keep the family away from gossip”, “Beautiful couple,” “happy, favorite. Vika, you are the best”, “Good such. And rightly so, they don’t talk about my life, All right. Simple, but the most that neither is true and truthful truth of life,” was discussed by the followers of Boni in the comments to the publication.

      Note that Victoria recently celebrated their 37th birthday in Dubai. During his visit, the woman had regularly posted photos taken abroad. However, Bonya chose not to share pictures of the family, so her fans decided that she was resting alone. Is the celebrity did not comment on the speculation, and only recently brought clarity to the situation.

      Recall, Victoria Bonya is in a civil marriage with the son of billionaire Alex Servicom for several years now. In 2012, the couple had a daughter Angelina Leticia. In a recent interview, the socialite talked about the fact that planning a wedding with her lover. In addition, Victoria and Alex are thinking about a second child.