Дэвид Бекхэм снялся в фильме против детского насилия

David Beckham considers not only a talented athlete but also a great family man, an exemplary father to his four children. The player loves their kids and I think gives them even more time than their mother Victoria Beckham.

The conviction of David, without children life is not full, but because of their need to love, to hold, to give all that up to you. Unfortunately, the world is a widespread practice of cruel treatment of children. Is against violence against children made a statement on Beckham starring in the film UN children’s Fund — UNICEF.

In the video, all attention is focused on the tattoos of the player. But this is done not with the aim to show the beauty of the production of drawings, but to draw attention to the problem of child abuse.

The report States that tattoos on the body of the star is a trace of happy or significant moments of his life. In the video, they “come alive” and turn into a pattern of violence that leave children completely different characteristics: physical and psychological scars.

The multipliers illustrated various forms of ill-treatment of children where they should feel safe: at home, in schools and on the Internet.

David told of the horrific statistics every five minutes because of the abuse in the world, a child dies. Just think about how horrible this figure!
it is important to note that here we are talking not only about physical violence, but also psychological and sexual.

I hope the video with David Beckham will attract more attention to this problem and it will be solved by joint efforts.