Свами Даши довел до истерики участницу выпуска «Битвы экстрасенсов» During the final task nobody has been able to restrain his emotions. One of the finalists of the mystical show told the mother of the deceased teenager are the details that the woman became ill. The crew had to interrupt the test, so that she could recover.

      Свами Даши довел до истерики участницу выпуска «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      Swami Dashi, as well as other participants of “Battle of psychics”, went to the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy, where mysteriously killed a teenager. A boy named Daniel did not live a few days before his birthday. His body was found on the visor of one of the skyscrapers. Mama Elena could not understand what happened and why her son died. The result suggested that the guy jumped down, however the mother until recently refused to believe it, convinced that her heir had no reason to do so.

      Swami Dashi, when he received an envelope with a photo of Daniel, has accurately described some of the details of his life. Mystic could not understand why a cheerful teenager took his own life. But it turned out that he was killed. On hearing this, the boy’s mother only confirmed their guesses, but the most shocking was yet to come. Dasha was able to take family and friends on the very spot where he dropped the student. Rising to the desired floor, he began to describe in detail that fateful evening. Heard from the mother of Daniel are unable to cope with them, and she became hysterical. Had to stop testing so that the woman could gather her thoughts. It had reassured the participants of the experiment, and she could not make heard details of the incident with his son. What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      At some point, Mama Elena had no idea what he’s doing. When she was asked to breathe in ammonia, she grabbed a jar of stuff and I almost drank it. Friend women snapped it up pretty quick and took the medicine. After a colleague at work said that he was taken aback, seeing as Elena was ready to empty the vial with alcohol. The consequences of such actions she was scared to assume.

      The mother of the teen tried to tune in to the test, but the Swami Dasha then shocked the woman. He continued to reveal such details, learning about which the participants of the edition did not immediately understand what was going on. It soon became clear that the student had enemies who wanted to punish him for what he began to chat with a girl one of the guys, probably involved in the murder. They intended to find out the relationship, placing Daniel in the car, but he accepted the attempt to escape in the stairwell of flats. However, a group of guys were already waiting for him there. Once on the fourth floor, they entered the fray, with the result that killed the boy. To cover their tracks, they dumped the body off the balcony.

      It should be noted that Swami Dasha and he barely kept sweeping his emotions. Trying to accurately feel the boy’s condition, he almost began to speak his words. And then lay down on the visor of the same house, where they found Daniel. From what I have seen the mother and friends of the student was speechless. When the psychic left the set, the participants test still remained under the strongest vpechatleniem.