Brad pitt can celebrate the birthday alone

Брэд Питт может отпраздновать день рождения в одиночестве Despite the agreement on guardianship, Angelina Jolie are extremely reluctant to admit it to the children. Apparently, the heirs of the artist would not be able to attend the celebration and will probably congratulate him on the phone. Brad pitt intends to seek review of the issue of child custody.

      Брэд Питт может отпраздновать день рождения в одиночестве

      In the years of living together in Angelina and brad had a rule: celebrate the holidays with the whole family. But when before thanksgiving, which falls in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, the actor tried to fish for a traditional family dinner with roast Turkey, Angie turned him down. In the result, the 52-year-old actor spent the weekend in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the company of an old friend, having fun, drinking hard liquor and complaining in life. Though something begins to build, the FBI and social services closed the case on domestic violence against 15-year-old adopted son Maddox for lack of evidence. Now pitt is much more likely to seek renegotiation of care.

      Why Jolie kicked pitt: new details in case of divorce

      Broken heart

      A petition for divorce that Angelina filed September 19, caught brad off guard and unsettled. “During fights she often threatened to divorce, but he did not believe, – said close to the actor people. And when Angie still did it, brad was crushed. He was crying and calling my mom in Missouri, begging her to intervene. Just the thought of children made him take himself in hand, he loves them more than anything”.

      According to the official version to divorce angelina pushed the incident aboard a private plane. According to her, the eldest son Maddox was involved in a quarrel parents, and a drunk brad “used force”. Camp pitt responded with a statement that the actor was drunk and quarreled with his wife, but the child and never touched, except by accident.

      “They stood nose to nose in the cabin of the plane, which shook and rocked, – said the representatives of Pitta. – Absolutely avoid physical contact was impossible.”

      However, sources claim that Angelina rented a house with five bedrooms in Malibu before the incident – if it was prepared to divorce. And the quarrel on the plane just gave her a reason and an advantage in the fight for custody of the children.

      “Her lawyers have signed a lease for $95 thousand a month very quickly, – told the realtors. – Angelina never even saw the house, she had the assurance that it is fit for children.”

      From the outset it became clear that the war will not go for the property. “Brad and Angelina married for only two years – recognized lawyers. – Most of the family fortune at $400 million earned by each separately before the wedding. Of the 12 homes they own, only three are in joint ownership. In addition, there is a marriage contract, which clearly spelled out who will get what”.


      Брэд Питт может отпраздновать день рождения в одиночестве

      Jolie immediately made it clear that insisting on sole custody. Pitt is not satisfied. “He thinks Angelina is too involved in human rights activities to raise six children alone, tell friends. Brad tried many times to tell her to take sons and daughters to the war zone. She travels with security, but it is still too dangerous.”

      By the end of September, the spouses have reached an interim agreement in the matter of guardianship. The children stayed with Jolie and pitt awarded at the meeting, provided that it will pass tests for alcohol and drugs, attend counseling individually and with his family. Brad saw for the first time since the trial began in late October. They met his cold, and Maddox refused to meet his father.

      “The guy does not believe his father, the sources said. – He said he doesn’t want to see brad”. A psychologist persuaded the boy to give him a chance, but since then and until the end of November Angelina allowed pitt to spend time with the children only twice. The actor believes that it is unfair and plans to fight for joint custody.

      For all this he was not to search for new friends, although rumors about the possible choice of tense. Recently the press has attributed to him an affair with the star of the film “suicide Squad” Margot Robbie. It later emerged that the news is based on the desire of brad to work with the actress who is happy in a civil marriage. Then Kate Hudson said he believes pitt is sexy and wants to meet him.

      Socialite Hollywood “sharpening claws” to hunt for brad pitt

      “It is not clear when it will again pull the women, but his next girlfriend will definitely not look like angelina, say friends. – At the time, it attracted a passionate dark nature Angie, but after so many years of hassle brad intends to surround himself with only positive people. He needs light, quiet love and peace, he now believes the extreme passion is a waste of time.”