Svetlana Zeynalov celebrated the fortieth anniversary

Светлана Зейналова с размахом отпраздновала сорокалетие The birthday girl and her celebrity guests walked in the restaurant until morning. Svetlana Zeynalov threw an incredibly fun party for her friends. To congratulate the most positive TV presenter came to her sister Irada Zeynalova, actress Catherine velichenko, ex-member Comedy Woman Elena Borschev and others.

Leading First channel Svetlana Zeynalova may 8, was forty years old. Birthday star coincided with her trip to Volgograd, where she and her co-host on the program “Good morning!” Roman Budnikov was doing a live broadcast on 9 may. Svetlana Zeynalov spoke about the problems in the education of “special” daughter

So the celebration of the round date Svetlana Zeynalov was postponed until Friday, may 12. The positive, the presenter gave to his friends an incredibly happy holiday in one of the cosy restaurants of the capital.

Party guests, in recognition of the birthday girl had fun, like children, completely forgetting about my age and regalia. But apparently, the birthday girl was the main ringleader of this merriment.

“Yesterday we had a blast… believe me, adults to two night galloping like little children. Waiting for the incriminating photos. 40 is fun, piano is cool and until the morning! Thank you to all my friends for the gifts and most importantly, I came to the festival”, – told about the party Svetlana Zeynalov in the microblog.

TV presenter has published some pictures from the festival, regarding which it is impossible not to smile. It is felt that the members of your party – very positive people who were very comfortable in each other’s company. Everyone felt relaxed and was able to relax and to anneal to complete the program. Some pictures of the TV host did not even bother to publish, she said, for ethical reasons.

It should be noted that Svetlana Zeynalov is not afraid of their age and does not seek to hide it. The birthday of a celebrity published a post in which he wrote that blatantly proud of the fact that she was forty years old.

“Well, when 39 uninteresting, but when 40 – have fun! Who said that you need to hide your age? I brazenly proud! As with every passing year. It is a new wonderful period when we, the girls, to reveal a new, unexplored side! In despair the men, the chiefs, the teachers of our children, the superintendent and all who stand in our way,” said Svetlana Zeynalov.