Стал известен победитель конкурса «Евровидение 2017» 13 may 2017, was held the final of “Eurovision 2017”, which was held in the center of Kiev. Fought for the victory of 26 contestants, but the girl was not among them. In the end, the championship was won by the participant from Portugal, El Salvador Sobral.

Eurovision ulterior motive is one of the most prestigious music competitions in the world, after all, only last year the broadcast of the finale was seen by 1.5 billion people around the world. This time, despite the fact that Russia did not participate in the competition, hundreds of thousands of people watched live broadcast from Kiev. Many of the participants impressed the jury and TV viewers by performing on stage in the Ukrainian capital with their original numbers.

2016 rules for counting votes changed: the professional jury and TV viewers from each country evaluated the participants of the competition individually, exposing them marks from 1 to 8, and 10 and 12. When final results are announced first call the points from the jury, and the rest are displayed on the screen.

Start of the voting was announced Verka Serduchka, and then in front of an audience of millions was made by Ruslana the winner of Eurovision 2016 Jamal. Winning the contest was won by El Salvador Together with the song Amar Pelos Dois (“Love enough for two”). In the first semifinal of the young man did, the emphasis was on the performance of the song. The number was accompanied by lighting effects on the main stage, and the audience was sparkling in the hall lights from the phones.

In second place was the representative of Bulgaria Kristian Kostov, and the third artist from Moldova.

Recall that a participant of the Russian Julia Samoylova are unable to participate in “Eurovision” because of the new rules of the host party. The singer, who was supposed to go to Kiev, received a three-year entry ban on the territory of Ukraine from-for performances in the Republic of Crimea. This event caused a great resonance in the national and foreign press. For the first time since 1999, Russia does not participate in “Eurovision”, however, the interest in the contest was not lost.