Александр Ильин «вывел на чистую воду» невест Ильи Глинникова The fifth season of the show “the Bachelor” comes to an end, and every time the main character becomes harder to make choices. In the new issue of project is to help the actor came to his friend Alexander Ilyin. The role of Seeds Lobanov in “Intern” to find out which of the girls is ready to build serious relationship.
Александр Ильин «вывел на чистую воду» невест Ильи Глинникова

Glinnikov Ilya Ilyin and Alexander are friends since the beginning of the filming of the series “Interns”. The young people met at the audition and found a lot of common topics of conversation. According to Glinnikov, music band ilina “Plan Lomonosova” was created in front of him. The actor often posts videos and photos of concerts in social networks, all supporting friend.

“We passed a lot together. I have for him a greater degree of trust, and I consider him my best friend,” says Glinnikov in the new edition of the show “the Bachelor.”
Александр Ильин «вывел на чистую воду» невест Ильи Глинникова

It is with a colleague on the set of Ilya decided to introduce the remaining members of the project Madina, Les, Alexander and Catherine. A place for socializing was chosen nonstandard: girls with the actor went to the rock bar where the band was a band Alexander Ilyin “Plan Lomonosova”.

After the concert, best friend Glinnikov in turn caused the candidates for the heart of Elijah to the conversation, having formed on each party to a definite opinion.

“Katya is a real witch. Sasha is so little, and you will need a very long time to lead her in the right direction. Madina — breed, and she won’t let you be weak. You initially can be a friendly relationship, and this is very important. It is important to remain friendship” – Frank shares his impressions Ilyin.
Александр Ильин «вывел на чистую воду» невест Ильи Глинникова

The most difficult part for the girls was the issue of marriage. Alexander and Catherine were not ready soon to marry, what surprised many of the bachelor. Madina and Les said he would marry only a great love..

Had the girls and frankly tell about your feelings for Glinnikov.

“Well, Ilyukha fell in love or not?” such a tricky question asked by Alexander Ilyin each potential winner of the project.

Despite the fact that the participants were worried about communicating with the best friend of the elect, they were able to make a good impression.

“They’re all nice girls, of negative feelings is not” – summed up Alexander Ilyin.

Anyway, to decide who of the girls will stay in the project, will have to Ilya Glinnikov. A new edition of the show gave the bachelor of food for thought, and another step brought him closer to personal happiness.