Sergey Nikonenko told how he lived in two houses

Сергей Никоненко рассказал, как жил на два дома Wife of people’s artist was able to understand it. This summer, Sergey Nikonenko and his wife, actress Yekaterina Voronina will mark a solid date. Will celebrate forty-five years from the date of their wedding. A long family life of the star couple was not straightforward.
Сергей Никоненко рассказал, как жил на два дома

Well-known actor and Director Sergey Nikonenko on Saturday, may 13 became the hero of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov. In the Studio, gathered relatives and friends of people’s artist of Russia, his wife Yekaterina Voronina, the son of Nicanor with his wife and children.

This year July 14, Sergey Nikonenko and Ekaterina Voronina sorokapyatiletnyaya will celebrate their Union. By the way, the date of the wedding of actors coincides with Bastille Day, which is celebrated in France, and as jokes the actor, he was also many years ago, took his fortress by storm. This celebrity couple is almost perfect. Ekaterina Voronina came to the Studio for the programme, called the husband of his General. And Sergei Nikonenko joked, noting that he is a head, but the wife is the neck.

However, a long family life acting couple not was cloudless. Sergey Nikonenko has admitted that he nearly jeopardized their good wife relationship.

Сергей Никоненко рассказал, как жил на два дома“I said to my wife, Katya, I must confess to you that I live in two houses – said the Director. – Kate anxiously said: how? But I said both your houses!”

It turns out that at that time Sergey Nikonenko built family house in Valdai. Land in the village he bought in the neighborhood of Alexander Abdulov and his Council. Wife from time to time about the construction Nikonenko did not say, deciding to surprise her. Ekaterina Voronina sense of humor wife appreciated.

A few years ago, the star couple has endured a real tragedy. Died their favorite daughter-in-law and mother of the only grandson of Peter Faith. A young woman three years struggled with a terrible disease. Doctors diagnosed her brain tumor. After her death, Sergei Nikonenko and Ekaterina Voronina grandson, who for nearly eight years, lives with them.

“The son of Nicanor, after some time married, and it became clear that Peter will be living with us,” – said on the program Sergei Nikonenko. The couple admitted that raising grandchildren is much more responsible than the education of his son. All the free time they spend with Peter. Grandpa taught grandson to play pool, and they are happy to play a few parties on the weekends.

Nicanor Nikonenko takes an active part in the life of the son, they see each other every day, the man is aware of the younger boy. But the new family had a baby girl, Katya, which is almost four years.