Robert Pattinson is afraid to get married

Роберт Паттинсон боится жениться The actor is in no hurry to tie the knot with sweetheart. The numerologist counted the code of life world star and came to the conclusion that he has no desire to go down the aisle. Robert Pattinson, according to him, is not going through the easiest period.

13 may Robert Pattinson turns 31. Became known in 22 years thanks to the Saga “Twilight”, today the actor continues to play and record songs star enjoys music. In the personal life of a celebrity, too, everything is fine – since September 2014 he is Dating singer Waist Debrett Barnett,acting under the pseudonym FKA Twigs.

In April 2015 it became known that the couple is engaged, although the wedding is out of the question…. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actor and made a prediction on his future.

“Life code Robert – 336314 – suggests that he is a carrier of signs of power and peacemaker. By the way, the same code Alla Pugacheva – a star in many respects similar. Pattinson was born in “the natural charm” a Talented person and self-sufficient personality, actor possesses magical abilities, able to read minds and predict events.

Patient, sincere guy and a hard worker, Robert is the owner of a despotic character and energy vampire. He is prone to depression and mood swings – when he’s not in the spirit, it is better not to catch the eye.

For many years he meets his girlfriend, but even such a long-term relationship are not a reason to marry her – Robert in this matter careful, he has a sharpened sense of self-preservation. He always idealizes the relationship, for him family always comes first, so to marry a Pattinson is not so easy. If he creates a family, and forever will be until the end of his life faithful to his beloved. And it will happen not earlier than in a year.

This year has been difficult for him. Strange that he broke up with his girlfriend – at such times, people very often think about the termination of the relationship. But after may 13, it is waiting for the year tens – successful, lucky. He may even be a dad.

Code Waist – 347325 – says that she’s artistic personality, psychologist at life. This adventurer, who loves to invent, but it is very harmonious and good. She, like Pattinson, not enough energy, she suffers from mood swings. But today they have the happy patch – most likely, over time, Robert still marries at the Waist. Besides, she refers to the women that can make happy any man – Robert there is no doubt in your choice.”