Светлана Пермякова оправдалась за жизнь отца в доме престарелых The actress sent a sick parent in a boarding house where he died. Svetlana Permyakova claims that he created for dad a wonderful environment in which he felt at home. The artist often visited a loved one and who paid for its content in the boarding school.
Светлана Пермякова оправдалась за жизнь отца в доме престарелых

Once the actress and TV presenter Svetlana Permyakova was a big and friendly family with loving parents and two older brothers. However, today the star no one to visit in his hometown. Arriving in Perm, she goes to the cemetery, where the rest of her family. Brothers, mother and father of the actress died a few years ago. Yuri survived his wife Valentina Iosifovna less than four years. The elderly man managed to enjoy the birth of a granddaughter Barbara. The price of happiness Svetlana Permyakova: loss of loved ones, abortion and a failed marriage

In “million dollar Secret”, which guest Svetlana permjakova became atut Saturday, it explained why not transported orphaned father to live with me in Moscow, and sent him to a nursing home.

“Dad came to Moscow, when the Varyushka were a year old, stayed for two weeks and went to Perm, all the time he wanted to go home, – said Svetlana Permyakova. Later I had to define it in a boarding house for the elderly. Every month I visited him and lived there for five days. He had a private room, I have done everything so that it felt like home”.
Светлана Пермякова оправдалась за жизнь отца в доме престарелых

According to the actress, her father at that time had already begun dementia, he didn’t really understand where he was, but her daughter was out. “Dad by that time was bedridden, he wore diapers. When I arrived, I took him walking in the pram,” continued the celebrity.

Host of “million dollar Secret” Lera Kudryavtseva immediately said that in our country look askance at people who similarly come with their parents.

Светлана Пермякова оправдалась за жизнь отца в доме престарелых“What’s worse or better – let’s solve – tried to explain his position Permyakova. Or the person lies at home and rot alive, or put under the supervision of experts. I wanted to hire a nurse. But I would have needed three. But to find a good nursing home – is still some problem. I found paid and paid for everything. It is more expensive than the three nurses”.

As the actress confessed that she was the final link in his family drama. Svetlana Permyakova with dignity could endure all that befell her test. She claims that everything is already done all my crying. But still, remembering his brothers, father and mother, the star could not hold back tears.