Victoria Raydos about the Union Golubkina and Livanov: “Mary always thinks about the balance”

Виктория Райдос о союзе Голубкиной и Ливанова: «Мария всегда думает о балансе» A clairvoyant has made their conclusions about the pair. The winner of the 16th season of the popular program “the Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos said what she sees the relationship of Maria Golubkina and Boris Livanov.
Виктория Райдос о союзе Голубкиной и Ливанова: «Мария всегда думает о балансе»

After the media spread the big news that the son of Vasily Livanov Boris called under the crown of his old friend Maria Golubkina, fans were divided between those who believe and are wary of the prospect of a young couple. The winner of the 16th “the battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos commented on the relationships of celebrities.

Boris Livanov: “We will get married”

“Actually, it’s an interesting Union. Very extraordinary. I wonder what the outcome of this story after the wedding. Because family life is other liability. Although at this age I’m sure they both know what they are doing.

Maria Golubkina daring, fun and very emotional woman, capable of adventure. She often leads internal illumination, they flash. Later in life, events may occur that slender escort her in a completely different decision direction. So to stay static in marriage it will be difficult, because you need to think about balance,” said Raydos.

However, themselves lovers big plans for the future. Golubkina and Lebanon were familiar with each other back in College, but then no relationship out of the question. However, many years later they realized that they literally were made for each other. Now the actress even thinks about how to have a baby.

“Love? Wants something from me? I cared for him? On the neck I want to sit down?” that’s what I thought – told Golubkina in ether one of the TV programs. – And then evaluated – he’s a smart, beautiful, talented, parents abruptly my will. He can finger click, and there will be girls and he chose me. And then I decided that this is my last time”.

Виктория Райдос о союзе Голубкиной и Ливанова: «Мария всегда думает о балансе»

Now Victoria Raydos is located in Japan. The psychic went abroad to get in touch with a special energy. The Japanese since ancient times know that they are surrounded by spirits. Superstition of this people is very complex, and their deep meaning is opened not for everyone. However, rich experience and extraordinary gift to the winner of the popular program will help it to penetrate deep into centuries and recharge your batteries kind, growing from generation to generation.

“I want to visit the forest of Aokigahara, or “sea of trees”. It is located at the foot of mount Fuji. Rumor has it that between the trunks you can see the white ghostly outlines of Juraev, as they call this place “the forest of suicides”. According to Shinto, the souls of those who died a natural death, are connected with the spirits of their ancestors. Those who had died violently or committed suicide, become wandering ghosts – urayama. Not finding solace, they come to our world in the image of a legless ghostly female figures with long arms and sunken eyes. It would be interesting to feel this energy and to see the spirits living there,” concluded Victoria.