Цена счастья Светланы Пермяковой: потеря близких, аборты и неудачный брак Biography comedic actress full of tragic moments. The Svetlana Permyakova perfectly possible comic characters, but the real life stars of “the Internship” full of drama.
Цена счастья Светланы Пермяковой: потеря близких, аборты и неудачный брак

Perhaps not today, not a single person who would not know Svetlana Permyakova. A brilliant comedienne, created in cinema and on stage, colorful characters, a successful TV presenter. 45-year-old Svetlana Permyakova is the embodiment of cheerfulness and optimism. And despite the fact that fate was not always kind to her, Permyakova her thanks.

Looking at Lyuba from “Interns”, the audience die of laughter. But the real life of the actress full of drama. She lost her entire family – parents and three brothers looking for love on the Internet. Married man suffering from alcoholism and also HIV-positive, with a desire to give birth to his child, but first became a mother only forty years.

The first tragedy in the family of Svetlana Permyakova took place before her birth. The third son of her parents ‘ two-year-old Andrew died of shock. After some time after the funeral, mother Svetlana, Valentina Iosifovna was pregnant, but to have more female wanted.

Цена счастья Светланы Пермяковой: потеря близких, аборты и неудачный брак“Mom went for an abortion, but daddy caught her at the bus stop and said, give birth,” – says Svetlana Permyakova.
Цена счастья Светланы Пермяковой: потеря близких, аборты и неудачный брак

February 17, 1972 in the family of a girl, which is destined to outlive all their loved ones. When Svetlana was 15 years old, died her brother Basil, who at that time was only 25. The third brother Sergei died in 2010, a little before the age of 50 years. “In Perm there was a very hot summer, Sergey drank some bad alcohol and died. It was my mom’s first born, and after his departure she began to fade in his eyes,” – says the actress. In November 2011, Valentina Iosifovna did not. Dad Svetlana, Yuri survived his wife by only four years. Svetlana Permyakova was justified for the life of the father in a nursing home

“I was talking to my mom in the kitchen, asked her if she feared death, she replied: no, I know who I will meet there. She really missed his boys, the sons”, – says Svetlana Permyakova.

As recognized by the actress, to the point that she was left alone, without family support, she has learned to take philosophically.

Цена счастья Светланы Пермяковой: потеря близких, аборты и неудачный брак“I often told my parents that I love them. I wanted to saturate them with his love. I told mom I was in the coffin that got pregnant. I hope she heard me,” continues the actress.

Svetlana Permyakova never hid that pregnancy as a result of which in 2012 she gave birth to daughter Cooking was not her first. Young star had two abortions every two years. Like many of her colleagues, the actress refused the joys of motherhood for a career.

Closer to 30 years, she was eager to have a baby. But by the time the next was not the man she loved. Svetlana Permyakova tried to find one via the Internet. After some time she married Evgeny Bodrov, who was HIV-positive, a great drinker and also a person homosexual. After a month of living in constant scandals and lies, Svetlana Permyakova, sincerely desiring to give birth to Eugene, divorced him. Your marriage with this man, the actress explains the fear of loneliness. HIV-positive husband Svetlana Primakova tried to kill her

“At that time I really wanted to change something in life. The desire for a loved one, be needed was so strong that heaven has given to me such a person,” said Permyakova.

In 2014, former and only husband Svetlana Permyakova Bodrov died of AIDS.

The actress is still something to be thankful for this man. It introduced Bodrov Svetlana Permyakova with the future father of her daughter Maxim Skryabin. The young people were friends. Permyakov admits that fell in love with the young man, who was younger than her 17 years.

“This year, we met 10 years, thanks to Maxim I divorced my husband with happy eyes. I’m happy now. Stop to feel sorry for me,” says Svetlana Permyakova.

And Maxim it today thanks for the precious gift that she made for daughter young girl.