Светлана Лобода рассказала, на кого похожа младшая дочь The star became a mom in late may, he returned to active touring. Newborn daughter Svetlana remained in the United States. Largely Loboda helps her mother. About the father of child star says almost nothing, however, does not deny that the girl was a lot like him.
Светлана Лобода рассказала, на кого похожа младшая дочь

Svetlana Loboda gave birth to a second daughter in late may. The actress called the girl with a Tilde. As the star admits being a mom of two children is a huge responsibility. Expecting a baby, the star was very worried that it would be difficult to cope with all the chores because she also shot music videos, recorded and prepared for the show.

Loboda worked for almost the entire pregnancy. She accidentally found out about that is in an interesting position.

“It was a miracle, a godsend… I didn’t know she was pregnant, though the symptoms to make the appropriate conclusion was easy. But the tour schedule didn’t leave me time to pay attention to what’s happening to me. I was in America, on tour, every day was flying from one city to another. Test bought in the third month, I was already sick. When it became clear that you’re expecting, came at the same time and the feeling of happiness and confusion,” – said Svetlana.

The star admits that named her daughter Tilde only after seeing the baby. With the appearance of eve, the situation was similar: Loboda hesitated for a long time about the name of the girl.

“In this case, I knew that the name Tilda – a very strong, beautiful, iconic. When she was born, I looked at her and realized that she is the Tilde. She can’t be any other name, it suits her perfectly. It’s a bit like the heroine of Scandinavian fairy tales. Eyes, facial features, very intelligent, interesting look. She looks like a cartoon character. You know, she’s more like a dad. It is the power of will. Energy. And the sadness in his eyes,” said Svetlana.

However, Loboda did not bind the fact that Tilde is consonant with the name thill. Name of the leader of the band Rammstein, which she attributed a novel. “I can say that he is a great guy and just an incredible person. And about how he is an artist, the whole world knows. And I think what my daughter’s name is Tilde, it is a great carte Blanche for her life,” said the artist.

By the way, Loboda and does not name the father of the second daughter. It is known that Eva was born from her dancer Andrew Tsar. The singer managed to break up with him without any problems and recriminations. “You have to try to find a compromise. Us with Andrew do it,” reported star magazine “Hello!”.