Дмитрий Тарасов продает загородный дом за 78 миллионов рублей The player put up for sale the suburban cottage and the plot of 21 acres. Dmitry Tarasov bought a mansion in the elite district is still in a relationship with Olga Buzova, but according to the prenup, after the divorce, the estate went to the athlete. Soon after the divorce Tarasov moved to Anastasia Kostenko.
Дмитрий Тарасов продает загородный дом за 78 миллионов рублей

In the life of 31-year-old football player recently happened a lot of changes — July 10, Dmitry Tarasov for the second time became a father, and four days later it became known that the club locomotive” has prolonged a contract with him. So, talk of a possible move to Rostov, home wife Anastasia Kostenko, is not justified. However, despite the fact that the family of the athlete remains in Moscow, he decided to sell the country house.

One of the real estate sites appeared the announcement of the sale of the cottage. It is noteworthy that to get rid of square meters, the player has decided on a price two times cheaper than I paid at the time of purchase. Well, family nest a few years ago at a cost Tarasov 160 million rubles, but to break up with him he’s ready in just 78 million.

Realtors explained that the house was no problem, and it is a personal desire of the owners.

“The house under the finish. 850 square meters. Bargain, but this is a substantive conversation. Most likely, the owners or moved, or any other personal circumstances”, — said the “StarHit” the Agency real estate.
Дмитрий Тарасов продает загородный дом за 78 миллионов рублей

Cottage implies a free plan on the first floor there is a living room, dining room, guest room. And the second floor is laid out with four bedrooms with bathrooms and a balcony.

“It is ideal for people seeking to live outside the city and commute to work in minutes. Birch forest on the background of these Russian fields, the air filled with birdsong, the tranquil expanse of water” — this is what accompanies the ad.

Recall, property in the exclusive village “Solovyinaya Roscha” when it became a real bone of contention in relations Olga Buzova with her ex-husband and his mother. Girlfriend of a football player then admitted to “StarHit”, Tarasov decided to make a house for my mother Olga Alexandrovna, and the presenter was against it.

Immediately after the divorce, Dmitry Tarasov moved to a mansion Anastasia Kostenko, who helped him finish the repair.

Дмитрий Тарасов продает загородный дом за 78 миллионов рублей

Also recently it became known that the player for the second year can not sell a luxury apartment in “Troparevo”, which also once lived with Olga Buzova. Player even lowered the price to 65 million instead of 70 in order to get rid of the property.