Екатерина Волкова едва не погибла в авиакатастрофе The role of Faith in popular TV series “Voronin” a lot of successful works out of the project, often traveling with the troupe performances. One day tour to the far East almost went became Ekaterina Volkova the last.
Екатерина Волкова едва не погибла в авиакатастрофе

Ekaterina Volkova the star of one of the most popular sitcoms of the national TV. The series “Voronin” collects at screens of viewers for almost a decade, now is 21 season. But in addition to the role of Faith in the creative life of the graduate of the Schepkin theatre Institute Volkova is a lot of work. Catherine is actively involved in antrepriznyh performances and often goes on tour. To travel the actress has often faced difficulties in a hotel room full of cockroaches, then bus to fierce cold not heated. But the worst happened to Catherine on the way from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Already on the way to the airport, it was clear that the Peninsula is a real storm. The actress is sincerely hoped that the flight will take, because of the weather. But Volkova and her colleagues put on a plane, which took off and began to climb. And then began the most terrible – the liner was in the middle of a hurricane and an aircraft with passengers on Board began to throw up and down.

“Almost immediately we dropped down to the ground, then the plane drifted up into the clouds. So we chatted for 40 minutes. It turns out that the hurricane is back and we’re in its epicenter. The flight attendants faces were green. I thought it was the last minute of my life, could feel the passion from the horror. …We ourselves have buried. At this point, the bag on someone’s head fell off, because he opened a Luggage compartment. In General, we cry, and laugh in time. And then the plane leveled off. I went up the ladder seems to be half grey… But happy to be alive,” – says Ekaterina Volkova.
Екатерина Волкова едва не погибла в авиакатастрофе

In the moment of mortal danger the artist felt bad that before leaving only once kissed her daughter, thinking about the mortgage, and rejoiced that the insured, in General. So she said goodbye to life. But thank God, everything went well and Ekaterina Volkova saw again the words that she always says mom: “Remember, you’re happy. You were born in a shirt!” – quoted by Volkov 7days.ru.