Svetlana Ivanova spoke about the father of her child

Светлана Иванова заговорила об отце своего ребенка The daughter of the actress is very attached to daddy. Little Pauline treats him with slight shock and girlish delight. Star first told about the girls relationship with her father.

      Светлана Иванова заговорила об отце своего ребенка

      Actress Svetlana Ivanova rarely Frank with reporters about his family life. However, in an interview with the star said that the education her daughter is actively helping the girl’s father.

      There is talk that Pauline was born from the Director Janik fayziyev, with whom Ivanova flashed a whirlwind romance in 2011, during the filming of the film “August. The eighth”. Despite the fact that in 2015 the pair even appeared in public together, in conversations with journalists Svetlana tries to avoid mentioning the name of the father of the child.

      Over time, the actress has become more common to talk in an interview about the idyll that reigns in her family, and what a touching relationship develop between father and daughter.

      Many parents allow a four-year little girl. “Polina has the strongest character of all my relatives. She always has an opinion, it is in principle impossible to make. Although we ourselves raise as a daughter – virtually without restrictions”, – said the actress.

      Active participation in the life of a girl takes her father. Pauline often spends a lot of time with my dad: they play together, walk and have fun. It seems, they understand each other. “Daughter very attached to. In her attitude – a combination of girlish delight and easy fright. Recently at bedtime Pauline asked me: “is dad really a magician Goodwin?” Just day they played, it was Ali, and he Goodwin”, – said Svetlana.

      Soon the actress is planning to move with her daughter into a new apartment. Ivanova worries about repairs in the new housing, as Pauline likes to sculpt plasticine on the walls. “I sometimes switched to bad COP, and I feel that I at least occasionally listened to, and nobody was drawing on the walls” – confessed the actress.

      Daughter Ivanova in my four years was already performing on stage. Pauline is involved in the production of “Three comrades”, where one of the roles played by her mother. The girl actively interested in art: it goes together with parents and at such a young age already knows who Eugene Onegin.

      Svetlana is proud of the success of the little heiress, and cherishes time spent with her. For them to have as many happy moments together, the star even willing to leave the profession, but while this is not necessary. “The best moments – when we are doing something as a family, for example, watching a movie together, eat together. We decided that we will definitely be traditional Saturday and Sunday Breakfast. Even if yesterday we were very tired, get up at a certain time and sit together at the table. We do it for our baby…It is an opportunity to be together, to warm each other. So God made me a woman, and then I decided to be an actress” – said the artist edition of “7 days”.

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