Jared Leto will replace Tom hardy in the film by Danish Director

Джаред Лето заменит Тома Харди в фильме датского режиссера

In between recording new albums, the frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars Jared Leto appeared in films, and does so not only for pleasure and earnings, but also is working on a movie awards (“Oscar”), which many still dream. But the speech now not about it.

In 2013, Japanese Director Takashi Miike (“City of lost souls”) announced the creation of a new English-language film, where the main role was given to Tom hardy. Since then it’s been a couple of years, which hardy managed to establish himself as a talented actor, and therefore the demand for it has increased. Given his busy schedule, he had to abandon the filming of the movie Miike’s “the Outsider”. On the spot hardy came Jared Leto, who now break from work.

Changed and Director – now it will be the Dane Martin Zandvliet (“Funny people,” “Applause”).

Today we know that the plot of “Outsider” remained the same. Rasstaetsja in the film about an American soldier who escapes a Japanese prison with the help of his cellmates from the Yakuza. Trying to pay them back, he is more deeply entangled in the underworld of postwar Japan.

Shooting should start in the fall of 2016.


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