5 interesting facts about “Ivanushka” Kirill Andreev

5 интересных фактов об «Иванушке» Кирилле Андрееве
The 45th anniversary of the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” portal 7days.ru collected five of the most interesting facts about life.

5 интересных фактов об «Иванушке» Кирилле Андрееве

Kirill Andreev

Photo: 7 Days

Fact # 1.

Kirill Andreev from the
childhood showed great promise in music and sport. “I’ve always loved to sing
any melody could be played, — the actor told. — Genes have suitable:
my grandmother sang in the choir Pyatnitsky, great-uncle danced in the ensemble of Igor
Moses. And good home plate were carried out: I remember dad brought a wonderful collection of Western pop music from a trip to Algeria”. In addition to singing, Cyril adored sport: all yard fun it is
he was the ringleader, arranged football matches and outdoor games like “hide and seek”. At the age of 12 Andreev have been carefully selected in the school swimming: from thousands of applicants then took only ten boys. However, becoming
candidate for master of sport, gave up swimming and started bodybuilding. ”
the end of the 80’s sporting achievements were not fed, and I had to think about the future.
And I, after watching Schwarzenegger films, was engaged in bodybuilding —
got up to 140 pounds,” recalls the singer.

Fact # 2.

5 интересных фактов об «Иванушке» Кирилле Андрееве

Model Kirill Andreev

Photo: from personal archive of Kirill Andreev

After a time, bodybuilding is unexpectedly helped Cyril to find his first job. “Once at the subway station “Arbatskaya” to
I was approached by a girl. “She said, “You are very textured. My dad owns a modeling school, soon his partner is American comes here, to Moscow.
Come to the audition,” recalled Andreev in an interview with “7 Days”. — I was surprised: shooting in advertising is one thing, but go on the catwalk? But the audition went
I took Polaroids and… adopted”. His first photo shoot took place in a familiar place — the pool. “When I brought home fee — 300 rubles, the mother wept: she’s in a month 150,” recalls
Cyril. Six months later he was offered a contract for 100 thousand dollars to work in America, however, the co-owners of the Agency had a fight and the contract was cancelled. But Andreev, who did not know English, so interested in the opportunity to work in America, decided to take a chance. I bought a ticket and went to new York. Found a job — starred in the advertising of clothing. When the visa
ended, he returned to Moscow and began working as a model in the fashion Theater of Glory
Zaitseva. And soon received an invitation to play
in the clip with Laima Vaikule. This event forced him to think about his vocation and, eventually, completely changed his life.

Fact # 3.

5 интересных фактов об «Иванушке» Кирилле Андрееве

Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Igor Sin and Kirill Andreev. “Ivanushki International” – 1994

After talking with Laima Vaikule Kirill Andreev couldn’t think about anything else except singing. “I watched the process of filming and felt more than anything I want here
this is singing, acting in music videos”. He tried to speak in Nightclubs,
but without much success. But once there was a fateful
meeting with singer Natalia Vetlitsky. “We met back in my modeling
school: she, superstar, do we have a photo shoot. Hardly remember me,
but I plucked up courage, approached her, said: “So you want to sing…”, —
recalls Cyril. — And Natasha says, “Oh, my friend, the composer Igor Matvienko just gaining guys in the group. I’ll introduce you…”. At the audition, which was held at “Mosfilm”, was attended by hundreds of guys. Matviyenko chose three: Kirill Andreev, Igor Sorin and Andrei
Grigoriev-Apollo. Long searched for the name of the future group: it was proposed and
“Pencils”, and “Sunflowers” finally, Round Herman (the author of the songs that were performed Laima Vajkule, Phillip Kirkorov, Leonid Agutin and many other stars — Approx. ed.) offered a “Ivanushki”. Almost two years stretched “promotion”: the singers
gave free concerts in schools and appearing on television could only
to dream, and the royalties were just enough for food and clothing. When the project was on
the verge of closing, Matviyenko made a last attempt to save her child — and
shot a video for the song “Clouds”. Thanks to him, “Ivanushki International” really “shot”: the next
the day after the premiere of a clip of them talking all.

Fact # 4.

5 интересных фактов об «Иванушке» Кирилле Андрееве

Kirill Andreev with his wife Lola

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Kirill Andreev believes that his wife Lola gave him a destiny. And it happened…
for the New year. Acquaintance of the future spouses took place on 31 December 1998 in
the office of one of the companies. By the way, during the first meeting, Andreev had…
Vova. “I thought, still she recognized me, — recalls with a smile singer. But,
as it turned out, from “Simons” the girl remembered only in the face of Red!
Calmly replied: “Very nice, I’m Lola,” and walked away. I
a little effaced, but he gave no sign, drove up to her again, saying:
“Actually, my name is Kirill”. She laughed”. Andreev fell in love at first sight. However, taking the girl’s phone, managed
to lose. After talking to acquaintances and friends, he finally got the girl’s phone number,
called her and invited to celebrate the New year at his house together with his mom. “Lola
my suggestion is to spend an evening-family-shocked — says Kirill. —
But still she agreed. And, after dinner, Lola went to me and since then
not parted. Everything spun so quickly, I immediately gave her the keys to my
apartment, Lola brought home the order and was waiting for me with the tour”. In 2000,
after two years of relationship, they got married, then was born to Cyril Jr. “When my son was born, we didn’t have
to wrestle with choosing a baby name: Kiruha looks just like me” — confessed
the soloist “ivanushek”.

Fact # 5.

Kirill Andreev

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Day 6 April 2001 changed the life of Kirill Andreev: noting
its 30-year anniversary, the singer ended up in the hospital with the broken head. In
the celebration in the restaurant of the day had an argument with one of the guests. “Word for
the word Yes in a raised voice, “talk like men” we went out into the street, —
recalls the singer. He was rude, I took his breast, noticed it
his bodyguard, sitting in the car. Did not understand the situation, jumped out of
car, ran up and punched me in the jaw. I fell so badly,
what the back of his head struck an iron post fence car Park. Then
I don’t remember anything”. Wife Andreeva Lola called “ambulance”, at the Institute Sklifosovsky was diagnosed with a concussion and a huge bruise. At first, Andreeva hopefully that surgery will be avoided. However, the time went by, the headaches intensified. Cyril lost ten kilos, it became annoying
any sound and was tormented by daylight. It became clear that without surgical
interference can not do. “When the doctors told me I would, I
panicked — told the singer. — Guarantees that you will come back to normal,
a full life, I can’t work, no one gave. And what will become of my
family, with his son, who is only five months, if the surgery is
failed?! But the doctors I have left”. Fortunately, a three-hour operation
was successful. And six months later, Kirill Andreev fully recovered from severe

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