Svetlana Bondarchuk openly talked about the divorce

Светлана Бондарчук откровенно рассказала о разводе
The former couple remained friends.

Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In March of this year it became known that Fedor and Svetlana
Bondarchuk divorce after 25 years of marriage. Recently in the press
actively discussed the problem of the star of the family, but no official
reviews, in addition to stating facts about the divorce, have been reported. Now Svetlana has decided to openly tell the whole truth about the breakup with Director Frank
an interview with Tatler magazine.

Svetlana says that many were extremely
disappointed that such a strong family, as seemed, collapsed.
However, they could not do otherwise. “Yes, it was scary. I guess I’m worse than Frank. But we
took this decision. It was the only way to save yourself and us. Now
or never,” admitted Bondarchuk.

The presenter also said that they are ready for a new relationship. “I know exactly what you don’t want to be alone. I
like when near a beautiful woman a young man. Nature is so
arranged that woman reveals at a more Mature age, and in this moment
the same age or someone older has come to nothing ready. Or ready of the last

After divorce the former husband and wife continue to support
relationship and remain friends. They respected each other and all the family spend holidays together. For example, the recent birthday daughter Barbara. The girl grows with
peculiarities of development, and parents try to give her as much as possible

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