50-year-old Irina Saltykov showed a photo in a swimsuit

50-летняя Ирина Салтыкова показала фото в купальнике
The star of ‘ 90s did not look his age.

Irina Saltykova

Photo: Instagram

Two weeks ago, the superstar Russian pop scene Irina Saltykova celebrated its 50th anniversary. And recently the singer showed pictures from the celebration of the anniversary. The evening passed in one of the restaurants of Monaco, and the day Irina was basking under the European sun on the beach. I must admit that the figure Saltykov kept excellent. Its not rare knowledgeable people believe that the singer celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

admitted to the magazine “7 days” that still weighs as much as thirty
years ago. And at the same time, she indulges in any dishes. “The secret is in
that high-calorie food is only once a day. Personally, I do not know how
to starve, to refuse delicious dishes, — says Irina — If you start something
to ban myself, then break down and begin to sweep everything. So eat everything
want. However, keep a certain balance. For example, I love the dumplings
and in one sitting smarter, not three, not five stuff. Well, seriously: what
the meaning of tease and only try? If we decided to have lunch, so eat
OK. But then dinner may be easy, anything fat and sweet”.

To stay young, she also helps special massage for
person. This procedure Saltykov considers as necessary and natural as
and total body massage.

The star not only looks great, but also continues
to delight fans with their creativity. So in late April she released her new single
“Follow me”, and recently the singer presented the video for this song.

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