Jennifer Lopez is planning to adopt a baby after the wedding

Дженнифер Лопес планирует усыновить ребенка после свадьбы
The actress does not want to risk her figure.

Дженнифер Лопес планирует усыновить ребенка после свадьбы

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Splash News/East news

According to the publication
“Life and Style”,
Jennifer Lopez has decided to adopt a child. Allegedly, she’s already
start the process of making, and in the foreseeable future, her family will have another baby.

According to
the correspondent of the newspaper, the idea of adopting a child arose during a recent visit
Lopez and her boyfriend Casper SmarTeam orphanage when a couple went
on a humanitarian mission to Costa Rica. The idea that they can bring happiness
at least one of the orphans took him at his family originally came from Casper.
This is not surprising because at Smarta, who is only 29 years, his children yet,
and he is excited to finally become a dad.

46-year-old Lopez, in contrast to beloved, eight years ago became a mother of two cute twins — Emma and
Max, whom she bore from her former husband, Marc Anthony. However, as had
the opportunity to see Jennifer, Casper is just controlled it
children. He fully replaced Emma and max, their own daddy, as
he recently admitted Marc Anthony was a bad father to their children. And since
Lopez genuinely enjoys the role of a mother, she enthusiastically responded to
Smarta offer. The idea of adoption like Jennifer because
she’s afraid to spoil the figure of another pregnancy. After all, as admitted in their
time singer, she was incredibly difficult to get rid of excess weight, which she
scored when she was carrying twins.

However, even before
as Jennifer will be able to fill up your family in her life was
to occur another important event. Although three previous marriage Lopez were
unsuccessful, she decided to make a fourth attempt to build a happy
family, becoming the wife of Casper. They say Lopez has already set the date of his
wedding-but I — it should take place this summer in the Hamptons.

Jennifer Lopez with Casper Smart and children

Photo: Splash News/East news

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