Svetlakov back room children

Светлаков вернул помещение детям
Actor and jury member of the famous show “Dancing” on TNT helped participant of the casting.

Светлаков вернул помещение детям

Sergei Svetlakov, Miguel and Yegor Druzhinin.

At the casting in the third season of the fantastic show “Dancing” contestant Eugene Yurt will tell the jury that the administration of the city of Volzhskiy
took her room, where she worked with children. The jury could not
indifferent to this injustice, and right during the filming of Sergei Svetlakov got through to a representative of the administration. The actor has made promises
to return the room to children than very happy participating in the casting and the whole auditorium. After all
what could be more important than educational activities for the younger generation?

Eugene Yurt

The next audition for season 3 of the show “Dances” and all
details help children’s dance team can be seen this Saturday on TNT. This
socially significant project has changed a lot in our country. People have become
another way to treat the art of dance and to the dancers. Hundreds of thousands of people
I have wanted to learn to feel the rhythm and move in time to the music. Today
the profession of a dancer can not only be proud of, but also good living.
“DANCING” can be considered the social project TNT. And the third season of the show
will reinforce this status.