VIDEO: Pushkina Lanskaya and admitted that he shared a man

ВИДЕО: Ланская и Пушкина признались, что делили одного мужчину
The stars spoke about his part in the “Ice age”.

Valeriya Lanskaya and Oksana Pushkina became members of the jury of the “Glacial
period” on the First channel. Evaluating new project participants, the girls remembered the man,
which they once had to share. The fact that in different years and Valeria and Oksana was
partners Alexei Yagudin on the project. However, to judge Olympic champion them
don’t have: this season, he acts as master of the show.

“Our meeting is unique in that we shared the same man and the name
his Alexei Yagudin is our champion, brother, friend and the pride of Russia, — shared
with Pushkin. — Today we met with Leroy and decided that participation in the “Ice
the period” had the best time! We
will be happy to judge, to chat with Alex, who leads the show and remember
the combat years”.

Oksana Pushkina and Valery Lanskaya

Photo: Yury Feklistov