Selena Gomez was hospitalized in a “secret” clinic

Cелену Гомес госпитализировали в «секретную» клинику
The singer has not coped with its problems without the help of doctors.

said the representative of Selena Gomez, the 24-year-old singer was recently forced to go to the clinic for
treating severe depression. As previously explained Selena, her condition
due to a side effect discovered her a few years ago
severe autoimmune disease — lupus.

August of this year, the singer had to cancel his tour Revival due to health. She then thanked his fans for
support and urged them to show understanding. “I’m forced to focus
all his strength and attention on my health. So I had to take a “pause” in
I’ve been playing live for a while!” — said Selena.

explained the singer, the disease, which she discovered led to the fact that
the as Selena, which was formerly
prone to depression, has deteriorated sharply. Moreover, as admitted Gomez, she
began to suffer also from panic attacks.

At first Selena thought that it would be
just enough to relax a bit to recover. But recently she
realized that without the help of doctors she can not cope.

the result, Gomez went to the “secret” private clinic, which, according to rumors,
located somewhere in the vicinity of Nashville. As claimed, the staff of this
the institution is famous for its ability to provide complete privacy, so
that reporters are unlikely to disturb the singer. By the way, earlier in 2014, Selene already had some
to spend time in the hospital, though in another state — Arizona. And soon after that to undergo chemotherapy, which, according to Selena, not decided
her main problem, but caused a lot of side effects.