Супермодель Эмили Ратажковски полностью обнажилась для Harper’s Bazaar

Of such body, as Emily Ratzkowski dream of many. Once again the envy of the fair half of the model was solved with the help of a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the pages of which appeared before us in a completely Nude.

As explained the idea of the photo shoot its creators, Emily depicts lady Godiva, an Anglo — Saxon Countess, wife Leofric, Earl of Mercia, who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in England in order to count, her husband, has reduced the excessive taxes to their subjects.

Except for the the number will be published an extensive interview with 25-year-old model. An excerpt from it we publish today.

Супермодель Эмили Ратажковски полностью обнажилась для Harper’s Bazaar

“When Lena Dunham gets naked, she is brave when Justin Bieber — “the boy grown”. But when exposed beautiful sexy woman, it immediately turns into something more. The theme is that when Kim makes a “naked” selfie, all at once think she’s just looking for attention. But a woman can simultaneously seek attention and to make important statements. And then we have to remember that every woman is sexy, but is accused of deliberate demonstration of the naked body for some reason only one. I matured much earlier than their peers. And at a time when my classmates were girls, I already looked sexy. Because of this I had a very hard time. Parents, friends, teachers and even a boyfriend, they didn’t understand how much trouble it brought me. Somehow my teacher just pulled me for a bra because she didn’t like that it is visible under clothing. And she did it in front of the class.

I don’t understand why have to make excuses for their sexuality. It’s something I live with every day from 13 years”, says Emily.

Супермодель Эмили Ратажковски полностью обнажилась для Harper’s Bazaar


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